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Are you a MWH type of Mom?

Do you believe you can be a great mom AND go after your dreams?
Do you value taking care of yourself physically, spiritually, and emotionally?
Do you value your authenticity?
If you've answered yes to all these, you may be a great fit for the MWH Ambassador Program!

My Journey

After gaining over 55 pounds with each pregnancy, I stared at my postpartum mommy body wondering if there was any hope. My body wasn't recognizable. I had loose skin, stretch marks, and 50 pounds to shed after carrying my beautiful babies full term.
With patience, hard work, and consistency, I shed the weight and transformed my body with my custom program. The best part? I was able to do so in the comfort of my own home--with no babysitter OR gym--and while finishing my degree and running my business. And in the process, I learned to release the guilt associated with becoming my best self as a mom and wife.
Fast forward since that day I couldn't recognize myself and I now work from home as a homeschooling mom of 2 (soon to be 3!) children, helping other moms accomplish their fitness and lifestyle goals.

MWH Ambassador

What Am I Looking For in an Ambassador?
I'm looking for moms unapologetic about getting their healthiest and happiest.
I'm looking for moms who have a work ethic that is uncommon.
I'm looking for moms who want to inspire others online with MWH tools--to offer solutions to modern moms' problems.
I'm looking for moms who have a few extra hours a week to sharpen their business skills and earn an extra income (commission based).
**You must have completed this program (or plan on doing so upon joining), to be considered!!
Ambassadors will receive a high commission for every MWH program sold, and approved ambassador referred.
**Approved ambassadors will be given a discount code to use for promotion of MWH Challenge. Payments are made monthly to your Paypal account.

What You Receive as a MWH Ambassador

Access to Private Group Chat 

In this private forum, I hold YOU accountable to your fitness goals, we inspire one another, and I answer your questions.

Business Mentorship

I offer tools, tips, and strategies to promote the MWH programs, increase sales, so your monthly commission continues to grow.

Social Media Tips

I don't care about how many followers you have. I DO care about your willingness to learn, and your commitment to sharing your progress with your community.

Big Opportunities to Come

For the women who stayed committed to the programs and ambassadorship, more exciting opportunities to partner coming!!!

No Supplement Purchases Required!

I do NOT believe you need to spend hundreds of dollars a month on supplements to feel your best. Instead, we use our resources (time, money, energy) wisely by investing in tools (your program and coaching) to invest in your life.

As long as you're a MWH Ambassador, you'll have access to our our private group

Only 77.77/ Month
Coaching and access to ask Monica your fitness and business questions: valued over $700/month! Huge savings by choosing this coaching option.
Ready to be a boss of your health, happiness, and income?

Some moms join only for group support on accomplishing fitness goals with the MWH Challenge. If you want daily support and accountability, you can join for this purpose, and always promote with us and earn later if desired!