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My Journey

I know what it feels like to look in the mirror and not recognize yourself after having kids. All of us moms know that feeling. Pregnancy changes our bodies forever; and, of course, our babies are totally worth it!
But more than that, we often lose what was our identity after becoming mothers. We had goals, vision, dreams before having kids. Are those dreams just supposed to go out the door now that we're changing diapers? Of course not!
You see, I believe that we can still become our best selves as mothers--from the inside out. 
Not only that, I believe we owe it to our children to at least try.
So, since having my first child, looking in the mirror and not recognizing Monica anymore, I've since invested hundreds of hours learning self development tools, and become a certified fitness coach to not only transform my own body and life, but now help thousands of women do the same.
Don't allow yourself to think for a second that you have to settle for a life you're not in love with just because you're a mother. Let's work together. I'll share with you all the secrets and tools I use behind the scenes to get fit, happy, and healthy as a homeschooling mom of three!
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What Am I Looking For in a MWH Member?
I'm looking for women who are ready to get their healthiest and happiest.
I'm looking for moms who want to work with me more closely in achieving their goals.
I'm looking for women who are sick and tired of procrastinating their greatness.
I'm looking for women who want accountability and support
with becoming their best selves.

What You Receive as a MWH Member

Access to Private Facebook Group

In this private forum, I hold YOU accountable to your fitness goals, we inspire one another, and I answer your questions. NEW: Monthly video coaching calls with Monica to stay on track for the month's challenge

Digital Studio of Dozens of Workouts 

As long as you're a member, you have access to extensive workouts designed to get you fit in the shortest amount of time! Save time and gas not going to the gym--workout in the comfort of your own home!

Recipe Library

Recipes to help you learn what foods are the best for you and your family to be at your best.

Inspiration & Community

Meditations, motivational videos, and email support for customized coaching.

NEW Challenges Each Month

You won't get bored with Monica's challenges. Each month, members get a new 30 day program to stay inspired.

As long as you're a MWH Member, you'll have access to our our private group

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If you're ready to finally stick to your fitness and lifestyle goals, join us! No more guessing what you'll do for your workouts, meals, self-development. All of that (plus coaching) is included in your membership!
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Let motherhood inspire you to become the BEST version of yourself.

I Can't Wait to Work with YOU NEXT!

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