10 Minute Workout For Busy Moms (And kids!)

I won't lie. Sometimes as a homeschooling, entrepreneur mom, I simply don't have the mental or physical bandwidth to workout. Some days, I offer myself the much needed grace of allowing the daily chores to be sufficient in terms of getting in my exercise...(I mean, vacuuming is an ab and arm workout, right?!)

But, most days, I sneak in a 10-20 minute sweat sesh...usually by getting creative with the kids; incorporating it into their homeschool gym time, baby wearing, or doing a stroller workout.

And I never regret those days I do.


Because when I take time for my health, my body, my mind, my spirit, I undoubtedly have more energy to offer my beautiful babes. And conversely, on the days I aim to martyr myself with the false notion that "good moms don't take time for themselves because it's selfish" ( a lie I constantly have to rebuke), I have less patience, less energy, more mood swings. Also, may we not forget that we are setting the example for our daughters on how they, too can mother (while not sacrificing themselves completely), and our sons. Giving our children an example that taking care of their health matters.

So. Do yourself a favor, mom. Grant yourself permission today to take care of that vessel God blessed you with by moving it, fueling it with healthy food, plenty of clean water, and prayer.

Here's a workout video to help you get started in that direction. Share it with 3 boss moms you know; doing so helps support me and helps another mama out--#winwin.

Peace and love your way!

Monica and the crew