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15 Year Marriage Anniversary | What I've Learned

15 years ago, I jumped on a Greyhound bus with a guy I loved and eloped in Las Vegas. We were so young, Elvis couldn't even legally buy a drink yet to toast! We celebrated with him getting my name tatted on his arm. We pigged out in our hotel room with 2 am takeout. Good times.

But man, do you ever wish you could go back in time and give your younger self advice that would save you SO much time? Sigh. I do. But at the same time, I don't regret anything really. All our experiences have shaped us into the people we are today. We are more in love now than that honeymoon on the Vegas strip as young kids who had no idea what the h-e-double-hockey sticks they were doing. 4 kids later.

In this blog I'm sharing advice I'd give my younger self or any younger wife. I hope it helps some young woman out there who is married or preparing for marriage.


17 years ago!

What I'd Tell My Younger Self About Marriage and Being a Wife

( In no particular order):

Have Funnnnn

Life is precious. We don't know how long we're going to be here. You can let petty grievances get you down or you can be happy. Let stupid stuff go and have fun with your partner. It keeps you young at heart and you'll leave this Earth (when you're old I pray) with no regrets of wasting time.


We are human. We all get married with ideas of what marriage should look like. Many of us didn't get valuable guidance on what a healthy marriage actually looks like. I was raised by a badass single mom of 5. I didn't see her in her role as a wife though (my parents split when I was about 3). So when I woke up in Vegas--suddenly married--I didn't know what the he** I was doing. I thought love would be enough to get us through life. It IS and WAS, but you will inevitably make mistakes and fall short of the idealized version the other thought you were.

If marriage was easy all the time, everyone would be and stay married.

Take accountability for what you need to learn and grow through, and if you desire to, forgive the past and keep the vision of the future you're carving together in the forefront of your mind. (BTW, absolutely no judgements on those who are divorced. We all need to do what our discernment guides us to).

Don't Compare

I don't want anyone else's marriage. You shouldn't either. Social media is cool but it can subconsciously have us comparing our lives with folks we don't even know! Embrace your unique marriage. It's beautiful and so special.

Send Him Pics at Work

Practice those poses, girl. Own it. Send those pics ;)

Show Effort

Don't let yourself go now that you're boo'd up. I know it can be hard with little kids running around, but even 5 minutes to smooth your hair, wash your face, but on some lip gloss and some cute clothes shows you care about what he sees. And on fancier days, grab those heels and freakum dress. I dare ya. (Get my MWH Mommy Makeover to own your sexy as a busy mom here.)

I could go on but I think we have a great start here.

Which one of these tips were your favorite? Go on my Insta and let me know!



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