3 Tips to break the cycle of self sabotage

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Did anyone else over treat themselves for Valentine's Day, (or perhaps any days of the week this month), only to wake up the next day and--unfortunately--doing the same self-sabotaging cycle of overindulgence over again?

I have.

I'm a health coach and mom. A lifestyle brand influencer. I'm not supposed to say that. But if I'm being real? I have unhealthy things I reach for like anyone else to help ease the stress and anxiety that is all too common for modern moms in this day and age.

For me--my triggers are sweets--like chocolate. (insert Homer drool here). And wine. Yummy pink rose or chardonnay--I look forward to these goodies after a long day when I give myself permission to allow myself to. They make me happy! Help comfort me when life gets crazy. Helps ease the stress that comes with everyday life. But giving into these treats come with a cost--especially over a long period of time.

But I monitor these indulgences. I know that when I have them more often--I need to examine what the triggers are in my everyday life--and how I can manage those triggers to lead to a more healthy outcome.

For me, having a consistent exercise and meal planning routine has been paramount to my success.

Keeping guidelines around my workout routine and structuring my meals helped to improve my overall health and happiness. Let me share 3 things I did that allowed me to do this effectively:

1) Schedule your workouts like they are a meeting.

When you have to meet your boss for that deadline? You make it. Why not respect yourself that much? Create boundaries around your schedule, write in your workouts, and most importantly--keep them.

2) Create a realistic meal plan

...And stick to it. Do you love sweets at the end of the day? Then plan for that. Have a healthier option of the treats you love ready. For example--when my sweet tooth hits--I have glazed almonds ready to go! They are sweet, but still high in protein. They key here is not to focus on deprivation, but instead--creating healthier options for your sweet tooth.

3. Speaking of sweet tooth...

I've had a lot of dental work done in my life...starting at age 9 or so. More dental work than I'd like to admit. So being able to partner with one of the leading oral health industries over 2 decades later? Ironic...but Heaven :). Another part of my health routine has been ensuring that I brush and floss twice a day. Seriously. Even when I'm on the couch after getting the kids to sleep and I'm exhausted, I force myself to get up and like Nike says--Just Do It. Trust me--our oral heath is linked to our body's overall health--a healthy mouth can help lead to an overall healthier body..

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Now it's your turn--tell me--what overindulgence do you (when you're being honest) have and more importantly--what plans do you have set up to help you overcome those addictions?

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