3 Tips to Help You Fulfill Your Dreams in 2020

Hey mamas!

I published a post recently which had my top 7 tips to help you go after your dreams as a mom.

I received countless messages on Instagram saying this message inspired you amazing moms to keep dreaming yourself, and wanted to follow up with another post on a similar topic.

In this post, I want to share with you some things I'm keeping in mind to ensure I'm making my dreams come true--as well as an inspirational video that brought me to tears that'll surely inspire you to keep dreaming in your own life in tip number three.

Now notice: I didn't say 'hope--I'm not 'hoping' I achieve my outcomes. Having 'hope' is great--but you want to know what's even more powerful? Faith. If you're ready to active your faith and plant some seeds of positivity into your future, then read on.

Tips to Help You Dream Big and Fulfill Your Dreams in 2020

1. Stop Caring So Much About What They Think

We all have a peanut gallery in our lives. You know, those folks who have nothing better to do seemingly than to stick their nose in your business; attempting to dismiss our efforts of dreaming big. I've heard it all from all--from those close to me trying to convince me I was a "bad mom" because I dared to dream big, to the same people I thought would support me judging me for being different. And that's fine.

I've become comfortable being uncomfortable in the pursuit of the life I want.

But you wanna know what shocks me? When amazing, powerful, gifted women allow those negative nancies to influence their decisions or cause them to shrink. I mean, I understand it can be painful when those who should be your primary supporters judge you for simply wanting more in life--but you're going to give your power away to them and waste your gifts because THEY don't understand it? This is our ONE life here on this earth--and you're going to let haters who have nothing else better to do with their time than watch you cause you to give up on your dreams and goals? No, sis. Don't let that happen. Decide that this year, you will have more courage than fear. Decide that you will put your work out into the world boldly.

2. Remember Your 90 Year Old Self

I have a journal exercise from my book, 7 Habits of a Healthy, Happy Mom that talks about this concept--humor me and do a very quick mental exercise. I want you to imagine yourself years, perhaps decades from now, and she is 90 years old. She has lived through a lot. She raised children, kept a home, maybe a job, but for her own personal reasons, chose not go after her dreams.

Perhaps she was too busy, raising 5 kids on her own (shout out to MY mom who did just that!). Perhaps she was convinced she couldn't by someone else who wanted her to play small. Regardless of her reasoning, she is now 90 years old, reflecting on her life journey; wishing she'd gone after what her heart yearned to do before leaving this earth.

3. Know It's NEVER Too Late

I've got good news for you--it's never too late to dream big. Not only do moms wear heels, but you know what? Grandmas can too. All moms can dare to dream big, regardless of their age and lifestyle. Do you want to know how I know this? Because if you woke up today, that's proof you still have purpose. If you're still here, you still have work to do. The world still needs your gift.

The most powerful example I have seen of this lately is of Bertha Nunn, an 86 year old mother and grandmother and former corrections officer and teacher's assistant who held on to her life long dream of starring in a TV commercial. And guess what? Bertha recently did just that! Thanks to Crest who partnered with Wish of a Lifetime, Bertha's wish to not only act in her own commercial, but to share her wisdom was granted. Bertha is proof that it's never too late to make your dreams come true, share your gifts, and have fun in life. Check Bertha out here, and share this with your friends who need some Holiday cheer and inspiration.

This post is sponsored by Crest. I like Crest. I use Crest. All opinions are my own.