8 Tips to Get Your Sex Life Back After Baby

Although I am primarily a fitness coach, I work with women and moms regarding many facets of their lifestyle--including sex, fertility, and snatching their sexy back after baby.

Although many of us hate to admit it, sex matters. Marriages thrive when partners are pleased in this area. Yet, so many of us feel guilty for prioritizing it; making time for it. And what results? A not-so-happy hubby, and a wife that can often feel ignored, or unfulfilled on some level...

And I am all for HAPPY HOMES.

So, I don't know if you, you beautiful soul who are reading this, are single, divorced, married, etc. Regardless, these tips can help revitalize your sensuality. It is my hope that these tips I used to get my sex life back after babies inspires you to get that groove back too, honey! (Or, keep it).

Tips to Get Your Sex Life Back After Baby

Ditch the Guilt

Guilt is annoying. I constantly have to fight it whenever I am "selfishly" prioritizing my sex life and my marriage. Can I share with you one of my secrets to combat guilt for prioritizing romance? I remind myself this MWH mantra: When my husband and I are healthy, happy, and in love, the kids can feel this and they thrive too! When partners are satisfied, arguments cease. The home is peaceful. Full of loving energy. Let the guilt go and remind yourself when mom and dad's happy, the whole family wins.

Send Pics

This will never go out of style. Send your partner a pic of you to build anticipation. (Yes, even if he works from home with you). It's really entertaining when you're sitting at the dinner table, and he receives a text, opens it, and tries to hide his excitement of what's to come! Try it!

Stay Unpredictable

Some nights, I'm in my onesie (sexy, I know). Some nights, workout clothes. Some, freakum' dresses and heels. Some nights I get the kids to bed early, and turn his office into a nightclub (there's even a strobe light in there!) Ask Elvis, he never knows what to expect! LOL. Keeps him on his toes.

Be Comfortable in Your OWN Skin

I don't care what your weight is. Stop waiting until you buy an outfit or lose weight or get a bigger booty to feel sexy. Feeling sexy is an attitude. Something you exude. So, stop comparing your body or clothes to the supermodel's. God made you exactly how you should be. You are beautiful, woman. If you feel confident in your unique body, he will enjoy you.

Have Fun

Sex is not a chore. It is a gift in marriage. We GET to enjoy our husband's. We GET the privilege of making our husbands smile from ear to ear. So have fun!! This is your one life as YOU. When you're 90, you will be glad you did. #heeeey

Eat & Move

When it's date night (wink wink), pay attention to what you're eating (especially). Eat like a goddess. Avoid fast foods. Avoid foods that bloat you. And eat foods from the Earth. Foods that give you energy rather than depletes it. And if you can, try to get a good sweat in before you shower and get ready. Caring for your body as a the temple it is is sexy. (Need fitness programs as a busy mom? I got you.).

Have Goddess Time

The whole day, I'm MOM-IN'. I mean, wiping up spills, resolving sibling fights, rolling in the grass, baking cookies, homeschooling, breastfeeding, the whole sha-bang. I don't know about you, but going from "mommy" to "sexy vixen" in one second just ain't gone work. After the kids are in dream time bliss, I take time to slip on the other hat--this usually involves a hot shower or bath with candles, painting my nails, moisturizing, putting on some perfume and lipstick while playing my favorite tunes.

Do Your Kegels

You mean, more exercises, Monica? Yes. Chances are, you know what Kegels are. Get into the habit of doing them throughout the day. Not only is this good for your muscles down there, but will also help boost your sex drive.

I could go on. But these are some of my favorite tips you can use TONIGHT.

So...what are you waiting for? Go get him! ;)

Sending love your way,


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