At Home Leg Dumbbells Workout

My favorite body part to work of all would have to be legs.


Because almost instantly upon starting one of my custom leg sessions, I feel stronger--seriously.

That's the great news with starting a fitness regimen or getting back on the bandwagon after falling off (we all do this--no shame here!) is that you don't have to wait until you get your dream body to start feeling confident, no!

You can begin feeling like the strong warrior goddess you are today--during and after your workout! ready? All I ask is that you give me all you have for about 30 minutes. Grab your water, towel, and let's get to work.

Join me for today's Toned Up Tuesday at home leg workout--all you'll need are a pair of dumbbells! (I am using 10 lbs dumbbells in the video).

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Love you lots and talk soon!



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