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Creativity & Authenticity In Motherhood

Hey mom, don't quit on your self care, hobbies, dreams now that you have kids in tow. Don't stop wearing those heels.

Do you consider yourself creative? Authentic? A big part of becoming your best self as a woman and mother will involve these traits. When a woman is owning her power, she is naturally intensely creative. She is also very unique; there is no one else like her on the planet, and she knows this. Instead of comparing herself to others, she relishes in the fact that God made her with the talents, skills, desires, hopes, dreams, body, life that way on purpose. So instead of trying to fit in with the herd, she owns her authentic nature, and follows her intuition to create her unique version of her best life.

Some women think they just "aren't creative". I disagree. I believe every human is born with power to create. But a woman? This is intensely true for us. I mean, we can create life. How much more creative can you get?

Feeling happy and healthy includes waking up excited about what's to come.

A woman bored with her life will exude the exact opposite; she will repel relationships and opportunities. Let's not waste the precious gifts of owning our creativity and authenticity as mothers. Not only will doing so lead to more joy, but will ensure our children know who their mom really is.

This is an excerpt from the Moms Wear Heels 30 Day Mommy Makeover Challenge (ebook). I created that (and much more) to support busy moms like me on a mission to become their best selves, kids in tow and all.

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