Detox to burn fat

If you need a kick start to your wellness goals, a detox may be a good option for you.

Whether it was to burn fat, give my complexion a tune up, or overall increase my health and energy levels, I've always loved detoxes. And while there's countless ways to do so, my overall approach is as follows:

1) Cutting out dairy, meat, and alcohol (if you use dairy or meat, do so sparingly, and only organic and grass fed)

2) Upping my water intake to close to a gallon a day

3) Sweating more in my workouts (I usually add in a cardio session in my program)

4) Avoid sugary drinks, fried foods, white breads, and increase green leafy vegetables and fibrous fruits

5) Add in 1-2 detox drinks (one sample recipe below)

Green Day Spa Detox Water Recipe:

Benefits: hydrating skin, aiding in digestion, flushing toxins

1. 3 cups filtered water

2. 1/2 cucumber sliced

3. Several mint leaves

4. Lime sliced

For best results, steep the above overnight and enjoy the following day, first thing in the morning.

And since you all know I am all about health from the inside out, I also challenge you to detox internally, avoiding gossip, complaining, and yes--scrolling incessantly on the 'gram. Perhaps you can limit your social media time to 10 minutes a day? Deal? Deal ;).

Try out your own DIY detox and let me know how it goes! If you need more of a framework and guide on how to successfully detox to feel like a glowing goddess, I've included one for free for all Moms Wear Heels Members. You can apply to join here.

Try this water out and tag me if you do! @Momswearheels on Instgram.

Have a great weekend,

Monica Bencomo