Embracing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Each pregnancy, I get more and more stretch marks.

With my first pregnancy, my son Eliel gave me a few.

With my second pregnancy with my daughter Ariel, I got more. And some loose skin.

Now, pregnant with my third child, my son--more are already sprouting and I'm only in my 17th week of pregnancy.

Moms, I have a confession:

I am TIRED of agreeing with the unwritten rules on social media (and life) urging us to be ashamed of our service stripes. This is RIDICULOUS!!! We are supposed to be ashamed of the natural effects of carrying a big, healthy baby full term? Hogwash.

I refuse to have my daughter, Ariel, be brainwashed into a culture that says: You have to look like a perfect barbie in order to feel worthy. From saying our affirmations since she was 2, to conversations on why she's beautiful and worthy simply because she exists, my goal is to program my daughter (and my sons) with self-love before the world tries to convince them otherwise.

With all the energy women and girls spend towards picking their bodies apart, imagine what businesses could be created, blogs started, books written, etc with that same energy. Choose to rebel. Choose to be conscious of your life energy and use it wisely!

But let's be honest--the hottest celebs that millions revere do look perfect. (Let's not go into the fact that many of them have chefs, nannies, plastic surgeons, and stylists to help achieve that look that the typical mom doesn't). And many young girls are growing up with feelings of unnecessary feelings of self-hate towards their bodies because they don't look like the girl in the music video.

Well...this ain't gonna be the case for my daughter.

So, I dare you--join me in this movement. Post your own pics proudly showing your service stripes society has tried to convince you are "flaws". Tell us why you are grateful for them. Did you get a beautiful baby at the end of it all? Did your body grow as it was meant to, giving you stretch marks as evidence? Has anyone tried to shame you for having them?

Share your story. Inspire another girl and woman. Tag me and I'll re-post you! @momswearheels

Remember--you have the power to control your own feelings of self-worth--don't let anyone try to tell you you aren't enough just as you are.

Kay? Kay.