I recently did a speech with an amazing group of women for Well Woman Life--a business dedicated to connect women all over the world to live their best life with all its messiness.

I wanted to speak at this event because that is just my mission with Moms Wear Heels! Although I typically focus on moms and women who are trying to conceive, I have a profound love and passion for all women--step moms, aunties--you name it! All of us women play a powerful role in the children's lives we touch.

In my speech, I began with a dance fitness portion--many of you know dance and fitness are my passions! Some may not know this, though--but I have a secret weapon I use with all my workouts--I do incantations while I move!! Incantations are affirmations that are coupled with movement. When we move our bodies and recite powerful, affirming words simultaneously, our lives are magically impacted. Our "inner muscles" like confidence, resiliency, authenticity and strength are drastically improved as a result. If you want to try my dance fitness/self love online dvd, you can do so here!

18 years old. Hiding behind a smile, but severely depressed.

The second portion of this video is my speech. I got vulnerable. I got transparent. Yep, I cried. I shared the beginning stages of what my first transformation really looked like. And it wasn't pretty.

But, as I said in the video, I am DAMN proud of the woman I'm becoming...imperfect past and all.

...I remember after graduating high school feeling SO unlike myself. I stopped dancing. I stopped being active. I started eating crap. Hanging with those who really didn't care about my well being. Disrespecting my life due to not really wanting to live in the first place.


I woke up one day. Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Sick and tired of procrastinating the woman I KNEW I could become.

So...I made the decision. I didn't know the how yet. I just knew I was going to create a life, as Lisa Nichols says, that was barely recognizable.

My mission with MWH is to empower women and moms to become THEIR best versions and equip them with the tools to help them go after their dreams... this version of us will look very different for each and every one of us.

Check out the video above where I offer my top 5 tips to transform your health and LIFE from the inside out to create the life of YOUR dreams. If you find it helpful, share it with a sister friend and on your social.

Love you guys!


Monica Bencomo

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