Healthy fall habits that keep your smile, body and mind in tip top shape

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are that of my own.

Don't you just love the fall?

I know I do.

The crisp air, the golden yellows, reds and orange hues of the leaves...the chai tea lattes and pumpkin pies...the candy corn--and--Halloween! Fall time is quite magical.

Along with the Fall time comes a desire for a lot of fall treats like the ones listed above, which--if we're not careful, can sabotage our goals of being our most healthy, happy selves!

I remember when I was a kid. My most desired treat was always the sweetest thing in the store aisle! And unfortunately, I paid for this in my later life by many, (and I mean many) trips to the dentist for fillings and even a root canal or two.

For this reason of wanting to give my kids a healthier start in life, I've partnered with Crest to offer some simple ways to stay healthy and happy throughout the fall...without depriving you or your family!

1. moderation

For me, healthy living is about having a lifestyle--not a quick fix to things. For that reason, I give myself permission to indulge with my kids a couple times a week with our favorite treats like ice cream, cupcakes, and candy. I don't believe in deprivation! We limit our treats though, and make healthy meals the norm.

2. Brush those teeth!

One thing I wish I'd done growing up more of was floss and brush. As I mentioned earlier, my goal is to protect my kids from some of my own dental mistakes. So, we brush our teeth twice a day, and following a sweet treat (on days we are at home and can do so). Setting up our kids with these habits now will pay off for them later on in life.

3. Stick to the plan

I know this weather makes you want to curl up on the couch with a blanket as soon as you get off work, but fight the temptation! Stick to whatever regimen you have this inspires you to get up and get it in! We don't want to erase all the hard we've done in the spring and summer.

What are some of your tips to stay healthy and happy during the fall season without depriving yourself of your favorite goodies? Let us know!

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