Healthy Snack Ideas For the Family

This blog post is sponsored by Jolly Llama. All opinions are my own.

I have one of those families where the kids, husband, and I all (almost always) are craving different things to eat. Instead of driving myself crazy trying to cook three meals for 4 different people a day, I keep snacks around the house--lots of snacks to help keep our tummies full and moods stable!

Many of you ask me for food-spiration on the 'gram, and I've been sharing lots of our snacks and meals in my stories. I have a general rule of thumb for snacks and meals in our house--I aim to give my kids a nice balance of protein, carbohydrates, fats, fruits and veggies on a daily basis (and of course some treats here and there too!).

Below I've compiled some of my favorite snacks I keep in my home as staples. Check it out and let me know on social if you have any other healthy snack ideas for busy moms looking for healthy options!

Healthy Snacks For Busy Families on the Go

1. Trail mix

I love a good DIY trail mix. Toss some almonds, cashews, dried fruit, and pumpkin seeds into a sandwich bag and you are good to go! Want to make it more of a treat snack? Add some white chocolate in the mix. It's so yummy!

2. Smoothies

Ever since becoming a mom, I swear by smoothies. They are fast, convenient, and can be super healthy. Grab some frozen fruit, yogurt, and spinach and voila! You have superfood in a glass. Want some specific recipes? Try 1 cup of water, 1 cup of fruit, 3 tablespoons of Greek yogurt (for protein), and blend on high for 30 seconds. Enjoy!

3. Jolly Llama

The kids and I love a good sorbet pop like Jolly Llama to cool off! Each squeezeup is only 70 calories, free of gluten and dairy, but high in flavor! Our favorite flavor is strawberry!

4. Ants on a log

This oldie is still a goodie. Throw some peanut or almond butter on a celery stalk, top it off with raisins, and enjoy!

5. Apples with peanut butter

Another staple we keep in our home--honeycrisp apples! Add some peanut butter to them and they are so delicious!!

6. Crackers and hummus

Ok, I'll admit--this is more of hubby and I's favorite! Eliel and Ariel aren't really into hummus yet. But pair a great hummus (high in protein) along with a multigrain cracker, and you're good to go! Extra credit: have some red, crispy grapes on the side. The combo of flavors is amazing!

7. Rice cakes with peanut butter

Smear some more nut butter on a couple rices cakes and you have another satisfyingly simple snack even the busiest mama has time to prepare!

8. PB & J

Tried and true--you can't go wrong with classic peanut butter and jelly. Just be sure to use whole grain bread (I like Ezekiel and Costco's multigrain bread), when you make your sandwich.

9. Boiled Eggs

Another quick, easy, and yummy snack naturally high in protein and low in calories.

10. Cheese and crackers

After a busy morning in between lunch and dinner, I'll sometimes lay out some whole grain crackers, cheese, and fruit to hold the kids over.

Did I miss any snacks you love that are healthy and satisfying? If so let me know on social! Sharing is caring.