Home Leg Workout + why i workout at home

Hey ladies!

So...we recently had a very unexpected snow blizzard come to Albuquerque, and it inspired the video above... working out at a gym sounds great in theory, but for some may not be the first or most feasible option.

Here's a few reasons why I've worked out mainly at home for my postpartum transformation:

1) I like to keep my babies near me. It's hard for me to trust others taking care of my kids! (I'm working on it). Nothing personal to childcare staff. I am just a mama bear!!

2) Ariel doesn't really like childcare. If she is with brother, it is tolerable, but more often than not, she prefers home.

3) My husband, Elvis, works...a lot. Like, more than pretty much any human you know (80-90 hours a WEEK!!). So the little time he gets off to rest at home? I like to be here with my family, and not working out and missing out on our little time we get together.

4) I've lost all 60 pounds post pregnancy (twice) at home. My home workouts and simple, clean eating, work great for losing fat and toning.

5) I love incorporating my kids into my workouts. If you've been following me, you know that for the past 6 years, I've worked out with my kids and have posted our workouts online. It's fun, teaches them the fundamentals of counting, and sets them up with good health habits for the future.

6) I want my kids to see mom prioritize her health. I like when Ariel and Eliel watch me do one of my challenge workout videos, and decide to drop their toys and join in! I know even when they don't join in, they are subconsciously learning, "Hey, mom needs self care too!"

And disclaimer: if going to the gym works for your lifestyle and you're seeing great results, do you boo! All of our lives, values, and choices will be unique as it should be! As long as mom is healthy and happy, that's what matters.

In the video above, I walk you through what a typical short workout for me would be like. Eliel wanted to use kettlebells today, so check out our moves and try them out with your little one!

And if you want the full, exact program type I used to lose 60 pounds after pregnancy, lose fat, and tone up, check out my new challenge coming out! We start January 7th! Home or gym friendly. Register today and get ready to become your best self!!

Watch out 2019. . . ;)