How I Handle Mom Shaming+ A Gift For You

I have a confession to make.

I never quite felt like a fit in anywhere--especially since becoming a mom.

The first time I went to a breastfeeding mom support group when my firstborn was a couple months old, I remember getting disapproving glances when I mentioned going back to work at my restaurant I owned once my maternity leave was over. ...I knew those weren't my people.

Then I tried to find my tribe at the gym, but when discussing my lifestyle with women, many would accuse me of "Not taking fitness seriously" because most days, I chose to work out with my kids at home.


We live in a society where a woman is shamed regardless of what choices she makes. We live in a time, where, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find your tribe--to find your people because we still have so much pressure to fit in to what everyone else expects you to be.

But what about those of us women who rebel--who refuse to sell out on their authenticity in exchange for other's approval?

What if I choose to be a homeschooling-work form home-boss -freakum dress wearing mom? Why can't I combine these forces that make me ME--after all, I want my children to know the real me--their authentic mom--not some cookie cutter version of what I think a good mom acts/dresses like.

Moms Wear Heels is a movement I started in 2012 after having my first child and becoming a mom because I simply did not want to choose between being a great mom and still being my authentic self. And my intuition told me I didn't have to.

And the great news is that we as women don't have to choose between living in our truth and being great mothers! We have more autonomy now more than ever--long gone are the days where we don't have a say in how we chose to live our life.

So, my questions for you this Mommy Monday is:

Where in your life have you decided to play small because when you owned your power, you ruffled some feathers?
Are you living your life authentically, even as a mom?
Do you make time to go after what you want--whether that's getting in the best shape of your life, going back to school, or putting out makeup tutorials on YouTube?

Look, I'm not here to put any more pressure on you--quite the contrary--I hope to be more of a partner and guide with you on your journey, who you hear in your ear reminding you how powerful you are, how much courage you hold in your heart, how you have gifts meant to be shared with the rest of us. To me, that's not pressure--that's empowerment and freedom.

I mean, how liberating is it to realize and accept that we don't have to try to be just like the "perfect mom" down the block anymore--mimicking her, yet always feeling as though we're falling short.

Why not just choose to embrace your reality of being a mom, homemaker, business woman, employee, wife, etc. Why not just choose to embrace the beautiful chaos that is being the best mom YOU can be?

We as women are powerful creatures. We can bake cookies, scrub the tub, run a business meeting, and nurture our children all in one day. Not because we have eight arms or even a nanny, but because I believe that when you're living an authentic life you love, you are gifted with more energy to manage the various aspects of it.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to start living more authentically, boldly, and become your best self?

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Let's make this week an amazing one, ladies! Love you!


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