How I lost 60 pounds without the gym | 7 easy steps

2 Months Postpartum and Today

Hey lovelies!

I've been sharing my fitness journey online for over 5 years, and while some of you may have seen firsthand how I shed 60 pounds after giving birth to Ariel, I thought I'd compile all that info for you right here!

First off, many people are in disbelief when I tell them I gained 60 pounds during my pregnancy--but I did--twice! With both Eliel and Ariel. Since I am 5'8''--pretty tall--the weight spreads and may not be as obvious. But yes, I was 200 pounds the day I went in to deliver my babies.

As I shared my journey, I began to attract women and fellow mamas asking me, "Girl, how did you do it?" The demand was there, I had passion for coaching, so I decided to compile all the wisdom I'd learned as a certified fitness coach and share them with the world in my programs.

I decided to workout primarily at home for several reasons; mainly due to its convenience and my ability to incorporate my kids into my workouts. When I saw Eliel and Ariel developing their own passion for fitness and eating healthy, I was hooked! Exercising with them and including them on my journey has been immensely rewarding.

Below are my top tips to hopefully help you while you are on this amazing journey of becoming your best self. Check them out!

How I lost 60 Pounds With No Gym (OR BABYSITTER):

1. Start with the end in mind.

I took a before photo 2 weeks postpartum. I was honest with where I was, and where I wanted to be. I had so much gratitude for my body carrying life and giving birth, but when I was honest with myself I knew I wanted to feel healthy, strong, and get my best body as mom. So, I made a vision board and included on there exactly how I wanted to look and feel so I knew what my goal was. It's easier to hit a target when you know exactly how to define and locate it.

2. Develop a strategy and a schedule

Since I was breastfeeding, working from home, and raising two kids, I had to be real with myself. 20 minutes a day, 5 times a week was all I committed to. If I could do more? Cool!! If not, great! I knew consistency was my biggest ally. I created my own custom workouts--all I used was a pair of 10 and 15 pound dumbbells! Not only did I create a strategy--I also wrote my workouts down. I scratched them off on the calendar each day I completed them to feel a sense of accomplishment.

3. Eat for fuel, not for comfort

Another key component of my losing 60 pounds primarily at home was cleaning up my diet. Although I was breastfeeding Ariel, I knew I could eat quality calories and still keep my milk. I aimed for lean proteins (fish, chicken, Greek Yogurt, Hemp seeds), whole grains (I love oatmeal and brown rice), good fats (avocados and nuts), tons of veggies like spinach, and lots of water! I had grown accustomed to eating almost anything I wanted during my pregnancy, so I had to make a major mental shift to eating for fuel and not comfort. Once I made that distinction and decision, doing the work became all the more feasible.

4. Lift Heavy

I didn't do cardio. I didn't starve myself. Those two things create what looks like "skinny fat"--which I am prone to look like when I don't care for myself. Instead, I worked hard to put on lean muscle because muscle burns fat! Think of it this way: when you lift those dumbbells, your body responds by putting on muscle and you lose inches when you pair this with a clean diet! If you just do cardio, however, your body doesn't transform--you just lose weight. Workout smarter by adding in your weights to your sessions--by doing that alone, you can cut your workout down half the time!

5. Don't compare. Just--don't.

In the world of social media, everyone is comparing. Don't do it! YOU are amazing. You are beautiful! In all your uniqueness! OWN THAT!! Do yourself a favor--look down at your body right now and THANK IT!! Thank it if it birthed you babies. Thank it for allowing you to live by functioning at its best, you know...beating your heart and all. Thank it for being patient for you while you delve deeper into your journey of self love. Thank it by promising to treat it better. Which leads me to my next tip...

6. Think of healthy living as a GIFT, not a curse

You can thank your body for all it does for you by choosing options that will allow it to function at its best--like staying hydrated with lots of water, eating vegetables, moving your body and sweating daily--thank it by taking care of it. Your body is the vehicle for your destiny. Regardless of whatever your profession is--you will be even better at it when you care for your body.

7. Start. Like--Today.

Don't put off becoming the best YOU any longer!! This is the one life you have--why not CHOOSE to live this life reaching your potential? Why not make the decision RIGHT NOW that you are ready to give yourself permission to be the most fly, gorgeous, healthy, radiant, happy version of you? Don't put this off any longer. Show us how amazing you are.

There you have it! The tips I used to lose 60 pounds at home with no babysitter.

If you are READY to become your best you and are looking for the community and tools to be able to do so, join my new challenge! We start January 7th!!!

Love you guys! Let's make this a great year!!!