How to Lose Weight AND Breastfeed (+ A Special Gift for You)

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First off--I'm blown away by how many of you are taking my new Mommy Makeover Challenge with me! Starting January 6th, we are going to begin the journey of becoming the best version of ourselves as women and mothers. With our full length workouts, meals, and mommy lifestyle tips including meditations included--we have all the tools required to transform into the women deep down we know we can become--even stronger, healthier, happier--for ourselves and everyone whom lives we touch.

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After seeing my doctor yesterday and being cleared to weight train again yesterday, I realize I still don't feel quite ready to go "beast mode" yet--and that's perfectly okay! Intuitively, this just feels right to me--to wait going on any strict regimen. So I'm relieved our challenge doesn't kick off until the 6th of January. Plus, these next couple weeks are busy with the holidays--and who really wants to start a new fitness plan right before Christmas?! No thank you. I'll be treating myself to all the yummy goodies I want--sans guilt.

Now, as many of you know, I'm still breastfeeding my son, who is 6 weeks old, and plan on doing so as long as I can and feels right. I have quite a few new moms like myself joining us snatching our sexy back with the challenge whom are also breastfeeding, and I wanted to share some tips that have really helped me lose weight and breastfeed my three children. Check 'em out, and hey--if you're not breastfeeding, maybe you can share this with a mama you know that is and help her out! :)

Tips to Lose Weight And Keep Your Milk Supply

1. Keep Workouts Short, But Effective

Now some of you know I competed in and placed in a fitness competition 11 months postpartum with Ariel--and I kept my milk supply up the entire time. (I had so much milk that backstage before going on, I was so engorged I had to pump!) So, I know firsthand, you can not only lose weight while breastfeeding, but get super lean if done correctly. My first tip? To keep workouts short and sweet. While training and breastfeeding, my workouts (that I created myself), were no more than 30 minutes on average. You do NOT need to hurt yourself in the gym to lose weight, ladies!! For this reason, all my programs (including our new Mommy Makeover) comprise of workouts that'll snatch that sexy, but won't rob you of your precious time or milk supply.

2. Keep in Mind Breastfeeding Is A Workout

Did you know that you are burning over 500 calories a day just by being the amazing milk-maker you are? Yep. I already have lost 30 of the near 60 pounds I gained with this pregnancy, solely because I'm breastfeeding on demand! (We take the occasional walk too, but breastfeeding is what's really melting the pounds off). So feed your baby as often as you can, keeping in mind that your body is working hard to do so. And if you can't breastfeed on demand, grab your pump and pump to fill in the gaps when possible.

3. Pumping

So, I pumped the first month or so Rafael was born to 1) increase my milk supply and 2) create a storage so the kids and hubby could help me with feedings. When you breastfeed and/or pump, you are literally communicating with your body, "Hey make more milk, woman!" So, if you notice a decrease in your milk supply, add in an extra feeding sesh or pump to tell your body to make more leche. Trust me, this tip alone will help tons.

*Bonus tip: If you don't own a pump or need a more convenient option, haakaas are great for catching additional milk effort-free!

4. Don't Skimp Out On the Calories!

I've coached hundreds of breastfeeding mamas on how to lose weight and you know what the biggest culprit was for them losing milk? Not eating enough. Yep. Your precious body (whom we'll refer to as 'she') is working tirelessly to feed a whole human, run a household, and who knows what else! Thank and appreciate her by fueling her with the right nutrition. Don't overcomplicate things--you just need good old real food--some of my fave foods that help keep our milk up? Oatmeal, avocados, fruits/veggies, nuts, brown rice, salmon, and eggs. And don't be afraid to try a lactation cookie recipe! Just be sure to add in brewer's yeast (I also add this in my smoothies).

5. Take Your Vitamins, Mom

I've been taking a prenatal since trying to conceive, pregnancy, and postpartum. Why? Because even though my diet is full of nutrition, it's impossible to get all the nutrients I need organically. What I wish I'd known earlier is that not all prenatal vitamins are created equally. Please ensure that yours is high quality, and offers adequate folic acid and DHA (an omega 3 fatty acid). I recommend Oceanblue's Nurture because I did my homework and trusted the ingredients prior to trying them out. Plus, Nurture supplies DHA for mom and baby, so after consistently taking the capsule with breakfast, she can be confident the benefits are being passed in the milk to her bundle of joy. Experts agree that DHA helps moms produce more nutritious milk, and it's far better to have it be passed on from her milk than from an external supplement given directly to her baby. Get yours here, and be sure to take them all throughout our challenge if you're ttc, preggo, or breastfeeding like me.

There you have it, ladies! My top tips to lose weight and breastfeed your precious bundle of joy.

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This post is sponsored by my trusted partner, Oceanblue--I have been using their prenatal vitamins since being pregnant with my third baby, and now on our breastfeeding journey too. All opinions are my own.