Letter to My Daughter on Her Birthday


Can you believe it? You're already 5...years...old!

You are simply amazing. Very spicy. Confident. Girly-girly. A great dancer.

I admire you.

Mommy has been thinking a lot about how having a daughter has changed me. I can't help but see me as a little girl when I watch you. One of the many gifts of having you has been the ability to re-live my childhood.

I thank God every day that you won't have to go through the challenges I had to face growing up. ...Like when I watch how daddy looks at you while you twirl your pirouettes in ballet and his eyes water in sheer awe of your beauty. A little girl needs her father (and mother too, but especially dad) to recognize and praise her; doing so places a confidence in her heart no one can touch. I see this confidence in you. Know that having the strong support system and cheerleaders you have here at home will put you yards ahead of many. Use this gift wisely. Use the love and support you have from us to fuel becoming the best you you can be; to live your God-given destiny.

Everywhere we go you are complimented. The cab driver at the waterpark we just left pulled me to the side and said, "That girl is special, she is a star! I couldn't stop talking to my wife about her yesterday!" He went on and on praising you. Here's the point: know what makes you truly special and unique. It's not from people's accolades nor their approval. It comes from God. Be far more concerned with how God sees you in your life; not man. Man's opinion changes like the wind; depending on his or her mood. Be wise and build your house (your confidence in yourself) on rock; on a solid foundation. Those who build it on external things are a slave to those things--people pleasing is a trap. It's a far better idea to meditate on how God views you; his special daughter!

I invite you to continue doing these affirmations into adulthood, and passing the baton by doing them with your own children one day. I smile now knowing my great-grandchildren will even know their true identity thanks to the traditions we have created as a family.

Here's an excerpt from one of my books, Radiant by Priscilla Shirer:

I am who God says I am.

I can do what God says I can do.

I can become exactly what God says I can become.

I'm not defined by my feelings, my weaknesses, or my inclinations, and I will not devalue what He has made me to be by comparing it to what seems better and brighter in someone else.

I am coming out of the lies.

I am coming into the light.

Daughter, you are the light. Keep shining.

Your mom,

Monica Monique