Growing up, I used to always justify having my second serving of candy for dinner by saying, "I can't help it, I have a sweet tooth!" 

To which my quick witted, funny big brother would reply, "Mo--ALL your teeth are sweet!!" What resulted next was my entire big family erupting in agreeing laughter.

Halloween only exasperated my sweet tooth addiction, and due to not having a strict 'brush your teeth twice a day' rule in my household, by the 4th grade, I paid for it with a mouth that had more cavities than I'd like to share here.

DIY Halloween Costume. 1989

It's crazy that I remember the Halloween above when I was three like it was yesterday, and now? I'm planning one with my own kids!

And let me tell you--they are getting into the fall spirit! They're already boasting about "Who's gonna eat more candy"...LOL

Frida and Diego is Ariels favorite! Eliel is still undecided as he's not really digging having a big ole' panza (tummy) to carry around while he trick or treats! :)

Elvis and I are excited to continue making family traditions and memories with the kids this year during the holiday seasons. It seems like the older they are getting, the more fun we are having celebrating the holidays as a family! We want to give our babies the childhood we always wanted!

And who are we kidding--it won't hurt to get a pail of goodies to choose from after a long night of walking! (C'mon, we can't be the only parents who eat some of their kids' candy) ;) 

In fact, according to a recent survey done by Crest, the average parent eats over one-fourth of their kids' candy! 

(HA! I knew we weren't alone).

So, with all the inevitable sweet snackin' we're apparently all embarking upon this Halloween, my guess is that it'd be wise to crack down on the family's oral hygiene practices!

If that sounds like your family too, be sure keep a tooth brushing schedule (especially right before bed so all the sugars aren't sitting on teeth), and flossing too!

From now until November 3rd, enjoy many of Crest products at your local CVS for buy one get one 50% off! Additionally, you'll find some more perks like earning $5 cash back when you spend $20 or more on P & G products.

I can't wait to see your Halloween costumes! Tag us @momswearheels and @crest with your family's favorite tooth-brushing rituals! We'd love to know your tips too.



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