Mommy Motivation Monday

Hey mamas!

Welcome to the new series which will be published every Monday-- the Moms Wear Heels Mommy Monday Motivation blog posts!

In this series, you can expect your dose of motivation for us multitasking mamas on a mission to live our best lives, and I'll be sharing my secrets on how I stay energized, healthy, and happy as a busy mom of 3.

From spirituality topics, health and wellness, what I'm reading, fashion picks, new recipes, what I'm watching, our mommy mantras (quotes) of the week, homeschooling updates, marriage tips, you can expect to come here and get all your lifestyle motivation as a moms wear heels mama.

So you ready? Let's kick this off!

Fitness Update: Most of you know I recently had my third child via cesarean section about 5 weeks ago. I gained about 60 pounds during the pregnancy, and plan on getting in my best shape now as a mom of 3. What's the plan? I'll be incorporating a customized weight training program that I can perform at home roughly 20 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week (stay tuned so you can join me on the challenge!). My schedule is bananas with homeschooling, working from home, and caring for my home and family--so going to the gym 2 hours a day really isn't feasible for me. I have an appointment with my doctor next week, and once I'm cleared to weight train, I'll be sharing those new workouts with you all. Until then? I'm doing light cardio (walking and slow jogging). My current weight is 170. My goal is to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight--140-145 or so.


Video Inspiration of the Week: One of the ways I like to stay inspired on the journey of becoming my best self as a busy mom of 3 is with motivational videos on YouTube. Check out the video below by Jada Pinkett--she perfectly illustrates the MWH mission in this video. So often, we as moms think that sacrificing all the passions we have makes us "great moms". But to contrary, I wholeheartedly believe that when we take the time to consciously stoke our passions as women and mothers, it comes back to feed and benefit the whole family. Which brings us to our MWH mantra of the week...

MWH Mom Mantra: I am an even better mom when I take the time to nurture my passions and purpose. This is our mantra for the week, ladies. Remember that motherhood does NOT have to equal martyrdom! We do not have to give up on the activities we enjoy or being our authentic selves once we have children--but rather our kids deserve to see us in our light. Our babies need to see who their mom really is--not some image of what we think a "good mom" is. So...if you love painting? Take time to paint this week. You love dancing? Dance, girl! You always dream of going back to school? I dare you to sign up for those classes. Whatever you do, don't give up on what makes you you.

Mommy Life: So, life with a newborn has been as smooth as it can be! Rafael sleeps mainly throughout the day, and that's when I get most work done. But at night, he's UP! So, I'm adjusting to just not sleeping all that much yet. We are still homeschooling, and are creating our own curriculum. Each state has their own laws as to what parameters for homeschoolers, so it's important you research them for your state if you want to do so. This week, we're focusing on Spanish conversation, writing skills, reading comprehension, gym class (we're practicing karate!), and developing discipline. My favorite part of homeschooling has definitely been that I and my husband are the main "influencers" for our kids since we spend so much time together. Teaching our kids things not taught in school--like self-love practices/etc.--are paramount for us. Of course you can do this if your child is in school as well. But homeschooling is working for our family so far! And I plan to continue as long as Eliel prefers to learn with mama.

Book I'm Reading: The Brave Learner: I love reading all things self-development, nurturing for the soul, and as of late--homeschooling. I just ordered this goodie, and can't wait to delve in!

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