Nighttime Routine of Pregnant Mom of 2

It’s bedtime…and I can't help but let out a giant sigh of relief that mama is about to get some peace and quiet!

Don't get me wrong--I love my babies and I love mom-ing. But come on, ladies, a full day of potty training, cooking, fetching snacks, doing laundry, dishes, emails, filling daytime planners, and breaking up sibling fights is just exhausting. We deserve a break. :)

I aim to structure my day as much as possible to make our routines organized—I have a full schedule on my dry erase board hanging over my work desk the whole family can see—but, let’s be honest: as moms we are queens of going with the flow and multitasking because, well, we have to. So while no day goes perfectly according to plan, we do have a general outline to helps keep us sane and hold each family member accountable.

Nighttime Routine of this Pregnant Mom of 2

1) Clean Up, Clean Up!

When we are ready to start winding down, the first thing I usually have the kids do is start picking up their toys and tidying up their room. Who wants to wake up the next day to a mess? Not me. Eliel and Ariel groan a bit when I prompt them to do this, but are always smiling and brimming with pride when they look around at their work when finished.

2) Bath Time

Next is bath time. I swear by warm baths before bed. I used to give them baths during the day, but decided to try in the evenings and sure enough, they fall asleep faster every time. Don’t believe me? Try it out yourself.

3) Multitasking Mama

While the kids are bathing, I’m removing my makeup, washing my face, tying up my hair, and putting on pajamas. I am very diligent about removing all makeup every night before bed. My skin is too sensitive not to do this! Plus, I find that when kids see me all natural with my headband and pjs, they know mom is serious about winding down and bed time is a-coming!

4) Brush and Floss Like a Boss!

The kids usually brush their teeth while in the bath, and I brush mine while doing step 3. I floss first (just my preference), then brush with Crest Gum Detoxify (my favorite flavor lately since being pregnant!) Pregnancy causes a lot of hormonal fluctuation that affects gum and overall health, and the activated foam technology in Crest Gum Detoxify helps remove bacteria from the gums and mouth. Grab your own Crest Gum Detoxify from Walmart stores and so we can be toothpaste twinning!

5) Wind Down

After the home is tidied, we are clean, teeth are brushed, and pjs are on, I ask the kids to go pick a book from their bookshelf in their room. Eliel practices his reading by doing so the first several pages, and I usually finish the second half of the book so he can relax and just enjoy the story. By then he's usually sleeping or falling asleep. Most days, anyway!

6) Gratitude List

Right before bed, I always ask Eliel and Ariel what they are most grateful for from the day and why. Their answers are something usually like: daddy, mommy, sister, brother, tacos, the park, etc. and "because I love ___", but hearing their answers never get old! Then we say a prayer and lights are out.

I believe it's important to end the day feeding your mind something positive, and who doesn't love a good dose of gratitude?

How do you structure your nighttime routine with your little ones? I’d love to hear any tips you have on social!

And if you missed Dr. Oz’s segment that gives more information on creating a healthy mouth, check it out here!

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