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The words 'self care' and 'mom' rarely go together.

And I understand why.

As modern moms we are so busy! ...busy tending to our work, families, laundry, pta meetings, friends, calling mom, dishes, workouts, and social media. We as modern moms are often overwhelmed with all of life's duties that we can often forgo our own needs in order to people please and ensure everyone else is happy.

But the big problem with that is that if leaves us feeling resentful, overly busy, and can easily lead to burn out and exhaustion.

So I have a dare for you.

Simplify your life by saying 'no' more often.

Sure, you'll feel guilty. But I want us to take our time, life, and power back as moms. We can't be everything for everybody AND be good moms.

It's okay to set boundaries and prioritize our self care. For, as I've been saying on my blog for years, a healthy, happy mom, makes for a healthy, happy family. You matter, boo!

Check out the video above for my additional tips to prioritize self care as a modern mom.

And share it with one of your super mom friends!


Monica Bencomo

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