The Dangers of Conformity

I've been meditating on this idea--the idea of conformity, and its inherent dangers--for years.

This is one of the reasons that behind MWH lies a strong message urging authenticity--conforming's arch nemesis.

Ever since we were little kids, society, well-meaning parents and friends, family, and strangers with hidden agendas tried to plant seeds of doubt in our precious minds and souls.

Seeds that produced insecurity.

Seeds that produced fear.

Seeds that made us question our power.

Seeds that separated us from our strongest (free) resources: our intuition.

And these seeds can come in various forms:

...someone saying you must love God the way they do...

...someone saying you must parent like they do...

....someone saying you must follow a certain career path instead of forging your own...

...someone implying you need to live how they choose... get the point.

As years passed, our self-knowledge grew more and more faint as a result of being obedient.

We decided it was more safe to fit in. To follow the crowd. To abandon our wild selves.

We were promised security, love, a sense of belonging...

But all we got in return for abandoning ourselves was a cheap substitute; junk food for the soul. A false sense of belonging to a group or tribe that doesn't honor your true self.

And once reality sets in...that the trade off, in fact, wasn't worth it...

That being alone, running in the wilderness was better than walking side by side with the pack...

The brave of us snap out of the trance. We choose to be released from the spell.

We utilize our God-given common sense and abandon the crowd's way of life, their cheap thrills, their hypnotized way of being-ness.

And we finally feel the wind in our hair again. The grass between our toes. The child-like spirit of waking up to a brand new day in sheer excitement.

Friend, I urge you...

If you've been feeling confined, boxed in, controlled--chances are, some well meaning (or not) folks in your life pushed their fears and insecurities onto you. They convinced you out of your brilliance because of their jealousy.

The good news is that you can make another choice. Like, today. To become aware.

The other news is that it may not be easy. Ascending to new levels is never easy. If it were, as they say, everyone would be doing it.

You will feel resistance. The herd will ridicule you, judge you, ignore you, and will try passive-aggression when all else fails.

Be strong. That means you're on the right track. That means you're saving what matters most; your wild beautiful soul.

Remind yourself that truly happy people are not judge-y. They are the most accepting of them all. Because they're good and content with their own soul's evolution with or without your approval or co-sign. And as a result, they aren't threatened by your expression.

And more good news:

When you have the courage to follow your own unique path in life, you attract others whom are like-minded, forging a new community; founded on individual truth rather than group think.

And remember this:

It's the herd that'll mock you in public but secretly wish they had your cajones in private.

Know that.

And in the meantime, stay authentic, amiga.




Grab your journal and a tea. Put on some relaxing music. Ask God to reveal to you the areas in which you've abandoned your true self. Ask for the strength to unite all the best parts of you again sans their approval.

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