Third Trimester Prenatal Workout

Hey beauties!

I'm in my 31st week of carrying baby #3 and wanted to share a simple body-weight home workout I do when I can muster the energy!

So far I'm up almost 50 pounds since we conceived (no shame in my game), my energy is okay (I get a burst of energy upon waking and then feel pretty tired by evening), but most importantly, I'm just stoked about meeting our son this November!!

Stay tuned because I'll be sharing my fitness journey for the duration of this pregnancy, as well as postpartum. If you want to join me ahead of time and get all my fave smoothie recipes, workouts, and more--check out my Snatch Sexy Challenge! This program has always been my go-to for fitness basics, and overall feeling healthy and happy!

And if you want to get Baby Rafael something off his registry, there's still a bit of time to do so!

Love you ladies!


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