Third Trimester Prenatal Workout

Hey beauties!

I'm already 36 weeks--can you believe it?! The great thing about being pregnant while caring for two young children is that time...goes by...faster! Eliel and Ariel keep this mama busy so I can't just wait around staring at the clock all day!

I am feeling great this last trimester. Of course, fatigue hits, and when it does, I try to nap (or at least get to bed at a decent hour). But overall, I am amazed at my energy and desire to still hit our workouts.

So, whether you too are expecting your miracle or are looking for some low-impact moves you can do from home, join me with this simple but effective workout to tone your entire physique!

And if you've been following me for a while you KNOW we are going to snatch that sexy back (get in our best shape physically, mentally and spiritually) after I have baby number 3! If you want a head start for the new challenge I'm going to run, get your program here so you can stock up on all your groceries!

I plan on getting in my BEST shape yet after having my son. You ready to with me?

Then LEGGO ;)