Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season

How was your Thanksgiving? Great I hope! Did you eat all your favorite foods and spend time with some of your favorite people? 

For me, that’s what the Holidays are all about.

It’s been interesting being in charge of cooking for my family as a mom of 2 when I grew up in a home as the youngest of 5 who never really was pressured to contribute. Lol.

My favorite dish to make this year has been: Sweet. Potato. Pies.  (Note the unnecessary punctuation to indicate the seriousness of this dessert).

I will unashamedly admit to already divulging in an entire pie today with our leftovers.  Why? Because I only do this once (or twice) a year. And, also, I have a few tips to divulge in this Holiday season while also minimizing the guilt afterwards. Hear me out.

I’ve partnered here again with my favorite toothpaste brand, Crest, to share my personal tips as to how I’m managing my health goals while also treating myself this year to all my favorite meals and traditions.

How to Stay on Track with Your Health Goals During the Holidays:

1) Don’t deprive yourself. Instead, aim to create healthier versions of your family favorites. For example, as I mentioned, I love sweet potato pie. Like—revere it. Instead of having an “I can’t have this” attitude, I’ve created healthier recipes for my traditional favorites. Sweet potatoes are not unhealthy—it’s all the sugar and white carbs (crust) we add to it that makes it so. So, I swap out brown sugar and instead use organic honey (very minimally). Instead of white crust, I aim to find a whole grain crust (most health food stores have this). It’s not about the calories we take in alone, but the quality of these calories. My body will metabolize these calories more effectively, thus aiding with digestion and weight control. These two changes alone allow me to enjoy my pie(s) pretty much guilt free! The only guilt I have comes from having 3 pies to myself instead of, say, 1, like a normal person. Lol.

2) Don’t skip your workouts! I have started a new tradition in my home as a mother. We start every morning off during the Holiday season as we do any other day—with our home workout. Just because we plan on divulging that evening, does not give us a cheat card to skip out on our physical fitness routines. In fact, I’d argue that we need to move our bodies even more when we plan on taking in 3x our normal caloric menu. (C’mon—I know it’s not just me who has seconds and thirds).

Get it in to avoid guilt of Holiday treats!

3)  Don't skip your oral health routine--especially if you have a sweet tooth like me!

Having a whole pie to myself? Plus cranberry sauce, a little wine, etc. would cause a lot of cavity producing bacteria if I skipped my daily and nightly flossing and brushing routine. Stock up on my favorite whitening toothpaste, Crest Pro Health Whitening Power, to keep your mouth healthy and teeth white! This has been my go-to paste to fight plaque, gingivitis, and keep my teeth shining like a diamond ;) Grab your local newspaper on November 25th and get your $2 off coupon of Crests’ top whitening products!

He gets a sticker on his chore list every time he brushes! (2x a day)

Now tell me, how do you treat yourself during the Holiday season while, at the same time, staying on track with your wellness goals? Let us know in the comments below or on our social pages.


This is a sponsored post with Crest. All opinions are that of my own.