Tips to Stay on Track With Your Health Goals During Halloween

Halloween season is here and the kids and I couldn't be more excited!

Along with the cool costumes, pumpkins, and inspiring decor comes the sweet temptations...candy!

Although I'm a health coach, I do not believe in deprivation; especially not during the Holiday season! My goal is the have fun family traditions for the seasons and allow my kids to treat themselves--with a plan though!

I've compiled my top tips on how to have a fun, festive Halloween without completely sabotaging all the hard work you've done to date to keep your body and smile healthy.

1) Plan and schedule your treats

When we go trick or treating, we keep all the candy in their pail, and store it in a cabinet (they can't reach). Once a day, typically after dinner, we allow Eliel and Ariel to pick a few treats and indulge. They have something to look forward to during the day, and we have a "cap" on how much they can have. This prevents them (and us!) from overindulging and having the entire pail!

2) Eat your treats before your scheduled brushing time As I mentioned, our kids typically have their treats after dinner. Then, it's time for reading, bath time, and teeth brushing! The goal is to ensure the kids go to bed with clean teeth to prevent bacteria and cavity producing sweets from festering in their mouths while they get their rest. 3) Stay active! Aim to continue your fitness regimen and include the family! Set a goal to stay healthy and active during the Halloween season. For example, you can take your kids for a family walk after your post dinner treats for 20 minutes to help unwind after a long day. Or, you can pop on a fitness video, turn on some tunes, and exercise with the kids! Get creative, make it fun, and know you're making healthy deposits in your lifestyle with each healthy decision.

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