toddler snack ideas

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Hey ladies!

I get tons of questions pertaining to how I eat, and what I feed my kiddos to be a healthy and happy, so I thought I'd share a few simple snack ideas that work for us!

My main goal as a busy mom is to use easy, convenient, nutrient-packed foods. (The more convenient the better!)

My kids eat how I eat--we aim for high protein meals and snacks with tons of antioxidants and vitamins from fruits and vegetables.

Below is a list of #mwhapproved snacks for your little ones!

1) Boiled Eggs--I boil about 7 at a time, and store them in a bowl of cool water in the refrigerator so they last longer.

2) Ants on a log--I love to spread a nut butter on cucumbers and top them with raisins--added bonus: the kids love the name!

3) Nuts and trail mixes--One of our house staples is nuts--almonds, cashews, or walnuts is a must have protein source! Added bonus--they're packed with healthy fats.

4) Apples and nut butter--the combo is tantalizing--great way to get fruit and protein in simultaneously!

5) perfectlyfree®  Fruit Bites--When I need healthy, convenient to-go options, this is one of them! As you hear in the end of the video above, Ariel calls them "candy" which is a win for me!Fruit Bites contains half a serving a fruit for each serving and only 5 grams of sugar! Yes yes.

What healthy snack ideas are a must for you and your little ones?

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