Weight Loss Update (Baby #3)

What's up, ladies!

How are you? Great, I hope.

Ok, so...I can be real with y'all right? Great.

Adjusting to life with a newborn has been quite the learning curve. I mean--I thought I knew what to expect--(I'd gone through this twice before for goodness sake)--but apparently I forgot the effects of 1) waking up several times through the night 2) breastfeeding nonstop (and dealing with sore nipples and engorged breasts) and 3) having a newborn you love so much you don't really want to put him down (not that he really ever wants to be put down for that matter).

But you wanna know something? Being a mom of three hasn't steered me away from the MWH mission--being sleep deprived and leaky from breast milk has taken me away from my goal to be the best version of myself from the inside out.

And thank goodness for that.

And while all the above I mentioned is absolutely true for me, and raising three kids, homeschooling my son, and working from home is no easy feat--let me tell y'all--I'd have this season no other way.

Maybe I'm nuts.

But really, I know I just don't mind a challenge.

Which brings me to the point of this blog post:

Thankfully, I've been feeling a lot better lately--no more postpartum bleeding or pain, and plus--my energy has increased (yay!). And my body literally wants to move. My body wants to walk, jog, and as of today--do mommy and me workouts with my bub, Rafael! (Rafi for short).

And let me tell you mamas, getting back to the things that make you you outside of being a mom? Feels so good. I love my children more than life itself, but what good am I to them if I don't stoke my passions--bring them a mom who wakes up excited in the morning to live her life?

And fitness for me does that--moving my body and caring for it makes me feel inspired to take on everything else for the day!

So, while I'm starting slow, I am easing into a workout routine that mainly consists of:

1) Walking 15 or more minutes daily

2) Very light jogging

3) Body weight workouts

4) Mommy and me workouts

And here are my fitness stats at roughly 4 weeks post c section with baby #3:

  • Weight when I had c section: 196

  • Current weight: 171

  • Height: 5'8''

I am NOT pushing myself to go on "beast mode". This is not the time. I am however, moving my body in a way that feels comfortably challenging. I personally knew I was ready to begin light workouts when not exercising actually felt less comfortable, or normal. My advice to any new mama who wonders if she's ready to ease back into fitness? Listen to your body and doctor. And you'll know what to do!

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Love you ladies! Let's make this an amazing week,