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mwh 30 day

Full length, high energy home workouts, access to recipes, journal exercises to become the best version of you as a busy, multitasking mom

THE Challenge I Wish I Had When I First Became a Mother


My Journey

I have gained almost 60 poundsand felt like I lost my authentic identity more than a few times in my life.
Once when I was eighteen and very depressed.
And three times while carrying my beautiful children.
I know what it feels like to look in the mirror and not recognize yourself, especially after having kids. I also know that feeling before having kids as well when I gained over 50 pounds by emotional eating.
Many of us have been there.  We sacrifice our self care for comfort, and one day, you no longer like the person you've become as a result. We allow others and our own inner enemy to sabotage our dreams of actualizing our best selves.
My mission is to help offer moms tools I needed when I first became a mother--from workouts you can do to get fit in under 30 minutes, to tips to help you recover your identity, sense of purpose, and self care. 
As a certified fitness trainer, I now have the privilege of helping other women become their best selves with my customized workouts, self development exercises, recipes, and more--the tools I used and continue to use to have energy and health in my daily life.
Download your copy of the popular MWH 30 Day Challenge Ebook fitness and lifestyle challenge (New and Improved!) and get exclusive access to all the workouts, journal worksheets, secrets and tools I use behind the scenes to get fit, happy, healthy, and own destiny a homeschooling mom of three!
Client's Progress
Who should join the 
I'm looking for women who are ready to get their healthiest and most fit with workouts under 30 minutes
I'm looking for women who are sick and tired of procrastinating feeling great again after kids
I'm looking for women who want to be the best moms and selves they can be
I'm looking for moms ready to make positive changes and ditch the excuses

What You Receive in the MWH CHALLENGE

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Finally...a workout & lifestyle solution keeping the complex mind, body, and spirit of a MOTHER in mind! Get your best body again AND find yourself as a mom.
$250 VALUE
Exclusive Bonuses:
  • Beauty + lifestyle Tips
  • Tips for moms to balance it all
  • Instant access to thousands of dollars worth workouts, tools, information. 
Let's get better and better after each child.
-Monica Bencomo
THE fitness and lifestyle solution for BUSY MOMS who still want to look and feel their BEST.
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Let motherhood inspire you to become the BEST version of yourself.

I Can't Wait to Work with YOU NEXT!

Hey moms! 🌷🌺