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I  coach moms on how to balance motherhood with becoming their greatest version

Moms Wear Heels

I coach women and moms on how to get their healthiest and most confident in the shortest time frame. Busy? I got you.  I've created the most effective workouts and nutrition tips to be fit, healthy, and happy as a mom juggling it all.

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About Monica

When I first became a mom, I struggled with making time for my health and self care while caring for my tribe. This dilemma is what inspired me to become a certified trainer and create my own workouts that I designed to burn the most fat in the shortest amount of time. Sharing these fitness tools along with my personal fitness journey gained me tens of thousands of followers online, media coverage on the Doctors, NY Post, People, TEDx, Daily Mail, Oxygen, and more.


I have been privileged to help thousands of women and mothers around the world regain their confidence with my fitness and lifestyle programs. I coach busy women just like you and me--who have that 118th load of laundry to do, kids to raise, and another to-do list on top of that--to hack the system of health and wellness by saving time with the most effective workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle tips.

My unique approach to exercise and nutrition has allowed me to place in a fitness competition (while nursing my youngest backstage), and lose 60 pounds of pregnancy weight all in the comfort of my own home (4 times!) with workouts all under 30 minutes long. 


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