I  coach moms on how to balance motherhood with becoming their best versions.

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Moms Wear Heels

What drives you? For me, it’s becoming my best self for my children, future generations, and community. I created Moms Wear Heels to document and share my journey of balancing it all as a mom of 3 on a mission to live her dreams and be the best mom I can be.


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Who is a Moms Wear Heels Type of Mom?

She understands that becoming her best self is not selfish; in fact, doing so improves her entire family’s life, as well as her community. She understands that her children will do as they see her do, not as she lectures them to, so she leads by example. She takes pride in caring for her physical, emotional, and spiritual needs so she can serve from a full cup. She lives an authentic, healthy, happy life.

"She knows she can be a great mom and continue to evolve and grow as a woman."

About Monica

How MWH was born:

I had just had my son, my first child in 2012. I, on one hand, was deliriously overjoyed and in love with this human I'd just made with my husband, but on the other, I felt lost, isolated, and pressured to conform into everyone else's idea as to what a "good mom" entailed.

I would toss and turn at night wondering why all of a sudden I felt guilty about pursuing the things I loved like dance, being a TV personality, and being a businesswoman.

One morning when I looked in the mirror a few months postpartum--hair disheveled, skin in desperate need of help, and 50 pounds I'd gained from my pregnancy still stubbornly clinging to my body I realized--enough is enough! I decided that day while my baby boy napped that I was not going to let myself go and use my child as an excuse. I gave myself permission to be me as a mom, not whom society was pressuring me to be. I started a home workout program, graduated from college with my BA, and even wrote my first book about balancing motherhood with destiny and purpose. Writing that book opened more doors to television, and I made it my mission to share what I had learned thus far in motherhood: 

That we can be great moms and continue our journey of becoming our most healthy, happy selves!

Moms Wear Heels too!

My primary focus and passion is coaching women and moms on how to feel and look their best to glorify God, and ultimately, bring more light into their homes.  What I know for sure is: when mothers are whole, happy, and healthy, this benefits the entire family, and a happy, healthy family benefits the community, and that positive ripple effect has no limit!


A healed woman, a healed mother is a powerful thing, which is why my passion is to coach women to become their best selves by providing them with all the tools I used with my three pregnancy and postpartum journeys that I wish someone would've shared with me in an organized, easy to follow way! I offer full-length fat-burning workouts the busiest woman can fit into her schedule, easy to follow, filling, delicious meals in my meal plans, as well as self-development tools to live a healthy, happy life as a mother.

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