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Ever feel like you had to choose between being a great mom OR taking care of yourself? If so, this Ebook is for you. This 30 day challenge has ALL you need to look and feel your best after baby. Complete with a 30 day workout calendar, these workouts are designed to burn fat and get strong at home (access to private workout videos included in this EBOOK). THIS is the book and challenge I wish I'd had after giving birth to my first child 10 year ago. Save time and money by not having to go to the gym or salon to look and feel your best. Grab your challenge NOW while available to LEVEL up your health, wellness, and confidence. Let's goooo!


What's Included:


  • 5 Sections on lifestyle, beauty, fitness, food, motherhood, spirituality
  • Journal exercises designed to provide clarity and success
  • Full length workout videos + Meal guidance
  • Tools to become your best self as a mom

30 Day MWH Makeover Challenge

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