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Are You Ready to Become the BEST  Version of Yourself?

What Is the #MWHCHALLENGE 2.0?

January 6th, we start the new #MwhChallenge --the Mommy Makeover that I designed for women and moms looking to get in the best shape of their lives in the shortest amount of time, gain confidence, and own their power in 2020 and beyond. You ready?
Train with me in the comfort of your own home (or gym) with:
  • Full length workouts and calendar
  • Meal plan with recipes and calendar
  • Meditations to be a happy mama!
Our workouts will be 10-30 minutes on average and are designed to help you burn fat, build lean, sexy muscle, and gain strength and flexibility!
Workouts are perfect for even the BUSIEST mama!
*Stream videos from comfort of your own home!
​Pay only $77.77 for instant access!
Billed monthly for access to:
  • Private community
  • Coaching calls with Monica
  • Email support from Monica
  • Exclusive Member website access to digital studio workout library, meal guide, webinars, meditations library, & motivation 
  • Diastasis recti workout
  • Stretching & Flexibility videos
  • Exclusive invite to Monica's retreat this Summer
Cancel Anytime!
Less than $80/per month for a monthly updated workout plans, meals, coaching calls, and meditations! New challenges FREE for members!
All you need to be your most fit, healthy, happy version...less than the cost of most gym memberships! 
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  • Moms looking to get their best body after pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding moms
  • Busy women who want to get fit, gain energy, and get their strongest in the least amount of time
  • Moms who want a sense of community & support
  • Women who want to own their power, authenticity, and gain confidence
  • Women who refuse to settle for less
Instant Access
Get Started
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All you need for a sustainable, healthy, fit lifestyle!
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Access to Workout Videos

Full length workout videos to transform your physique, give you energy, and snatch that sexy back! Calendar included. Pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly!

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Meals and Recipes

My personal meal guide I use as a busy mom to stay fit, happy and healthy!

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MWH Meditations

Monthly meditations and book club included in your membership to foster self love, confidence, and peace for inner wellness!

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Private Community

Monthly video coaching calls as well as a private Facebook group! No topics off limits.

"I believe we can get in the best shape of our lives as moms" -Monica Bencomo


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