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Many women find themselves at this crossroad at some point in their lives: I really want to have a baby, but what will happen to my body, career, dreams, and marriage? Before I had my son, balancing my needs and ambitions were no challenge at all. After becoming a mommy, I quickly realized that I needed to create some tools and tips to guide my family towards a healthy, happy, and abundant lifestyle. Noticing a need for other moms to learn how to be balanced postpartum, I started my first blog, Turns out, there was so much information for all my fellow moms and readers that I had to compile it all in my book 7 Habits of a Healthy, Happy Mom. In this book you will find all the habits I developed to really be happy and healthy from the inside out. You will learn how I got my best body after baby with my workout tips and recipes and also find simple ways to nurture yourself. Plus you will discover ways to still allow yourself to dream big even though you are a mom! Becoming a mother should spark even more inspiration for you to have the happiest and healthiest life possible. Having children does not need to pull you away from self-actualization and realizing your potential. In fact, the tools in this book will show you how to be more healthy and happy today despite hectic schedules and demands many moms face.

7 Habits of a Healthy Happy Mom Book

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