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Mentorship For Moms

Let's Get You The Results You Know You Are Capable Of

I've always been an entrepreneur. Even when I was 10 year old, while all the other kids in my neighborhood slept in on Saturday morning, I'd wake up early, walk to the bakery, invest in some Hostess treats with my saved up allowance, and sell them door to door to hungry neighbors who didn't feel like making the trek. 

Fast forward, and now as a mom of 3, I have that same entrepreneurial spirit. Once I had children, though, I just couldn't bear spending time away from them to support someone else's dream. After walking the stage and getting my Bachelor's, I decided to activate my faith muscle and go all in on my dreams as a full time work-from-home mom. Needless to say, most people thought I was nuts. Why invest all that time and money in a degree just to work for yourself? Yeah, I know. God's directions rarely make sense to our logical mind. In retrospect, I'm incredibly grateful for my radical obedience.

In the past seven years since starting my business, Moms Wear Heels, I've been able to publish my first book, create and distribute thousands of my programs and challenges, coach hundreds of women to get the bodies and lives they love, get my business featured on some amazing platforms including Fit Pregnancy, Oxygen, BET, People, to name a few, speak on numerous morning shows, and most importantly; earn a profitable living from home AND stay home with my children.



Now, I want to help empower you with the tools and knowledge to do the same.

Mentor Me, Monica
Life and business coaching for moms

Learn the strategies I use to create a sustainable income as a full time mom of 3. I will teach you my secrets of how I grew my business at home with no nanny or maid to help me balance my daily duties. Whether you want to start a blog, build an online business, or get clarity on what your life purpose is, or simply want more balance and joy in your mothering, this coaching option is for you.

What you receive:

  • ​One power packed (one hour) coaching session to create a plan to help your business and life

  •  Social media secrets and tips to grow and reach your unique audience niche

  • Insider tips to get your brand and business featured in the media and news outlets

  • How to monetize your following and earn thousands with sponsorships (no, you don't need a huge following to do this!)

  • Editing secrets I use to market and sell my products

You'll be contacted for scheduling at the email used for purchase. If you prefer an alternate email for communication with Monica, please email us at after purchase.

I help moms get the business, bodies, and lives they LOVE!


Learn from my 10 years experience and trial and error! Be wise, and invest in your business strategy to save the most valuable resource in life: time! Thousands of dollars of information offered at affordable rate.

Available limited time

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