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Date Your Kids! Tips to Connect More Deeply

I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of being the best mom I can be. Not because I get it right all the time--I make mistakes daily--but I am very aware that my children have ONE childhood, and I as their mother have a lot of power in how it all goes.

One of the ways I aim to be the best mom I can be is with what I call Miracle Mommy Moments--I mention these in my TEDx Talk. The idea here is to consciously connect with your kids on a daily basis--preferably with each child alone. I believe each child needs alone time with their parents; to feel uniquely seen. This isn't always easy! But my hubby and I are doing our best (he just had a blast with our daughter taking her to a daddy-daughter dance) :-)

At least once a month, I take my children out on solo dates (lately it's been boys on one date, my daughter and I on our own). This has been a great way for me to fill their cups and make some awesome memories ( I hope) they'll cherish when they're grown and out of the house. Here are a few tips on how we make our date nights (or days) fun and full of quality bonding.

Tips on How to Date Your Kids

Let Your Child Choose the Activity

I typically let my kiddos choose the activity we do. This past date night, my oldest son chose to go to the aquarium. I loved this idea! He's homeschooled so I secretly relished in the fact he'd be getting some learning in too. We had a blast exploring alligators, manatees, swordfish and sharks.

Be Present

Nothing's worse than spending time with someone and they're clearly not there--either on their phone, daydreaming, or worse, overtly ignoring you. I aim to put my phone away (pulling it out only for capturing memories of course!), and I try to be as present as possible. That means not thinking about what I'm cooking for dinner, or how bad the traffic will be on the way home.

Meditation isn't relegated only to lotus position on your bed. Being conscious while you're on your date with your kids is an act of meditation if you're present.

Let Your Inner Child Out

Seriously. Have. Fun. Life is beautiful!! Why act like a boring old mom when you have kids? Why not let our kids inspire us to embrace our own inner child? I'll admit, I get some crazy looks when I'm at the park with my kids or playing with them out and about. Most moms are on the sidelines. But I'm gonna triple-dawg-dare-ya to dare not to conform to mediocre motherhood (yeah, I said it). Why not give yourself radical permission to act childlike? Skip with your kids. Play tag with them. Make tents and forts out of sheets. Make messy pancakes. Ride with grocery cart when leaving the grocery store (one of my faves). And while on date night with your kids? Take note: how do they explore? Do their eyes widen at the site of a otter they've never seen before? Are they excited about learning about that mammal? Do they actually express their excitement? How? Let your kids teach you how to enjoy new experiences. They're the best teachers when it comes to this; I promise!

Here's a few things I try to keep in mind when I'm on a date with my kids. Do you date your kiddos? What do you like to do? Drop your tips below or come hang out with me on social.

Stay healthy and happy!



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