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Happy International Women's Day | Message to Moms

Moms--simple reminder: Our role in this world is POWERFUL.

Yes, you, the stay at home mom. Yes, you, the working mom. Yes, you, the homeschooling mom. Yes, you, the work from home mom.

All mothers and caregivers shape this world. Our home, like Marianne Williamson says, is our universe. We plant seeds for better or worse in our children that last a lifetime.

This International Women's Day, I honor every mom who, despite not being acknowledged for it nearly as much as you should be, is the glue that holds the home together. The mom that cooks that meal even though she's pooped. The mom who reads that bedtime story again because it's your kid's fave. The mom who is on her knees, staring into her babe's eyes with a smile, washing their bodies in a warm bubble bath. The mom who takes time out of her busy life to pray with and for her family, community, and world. The mom who takes time to ensure her priorities are straight. You' the real goats. And I see you. I pray you continue to do the dang thing. It SO matters.

You see, when a mother is healthy, happy and healed (NOTE: I did not say perfect), the whole family wins. Why? Because the mother (the majority of the time) is the primary person influencing the lives of the next generation...the future! And when this generation feels loved, supported, seen, safe, and valued for who they are...miracles happen. The world becomes brighter.

Since children literally are our future and women are most often responsible for shaping these souls, I think motherhood deserves more of an applause. But don't wait on society to give it to you, mamas. We still live in a world that values external success more than they value the work done in the home.

If I can do anything for you, I hope it is to provide you with a piece of encouragement today. I don't know how you grew up--if you felt supported, seen, valued, etc., but I can tell you that some of the most amazing mothers I know did not. Instead, the wisdom and lessons learned from their childhood created a drive to give their children better.

That is my hope. That each generation can continue to progress. I'm doing my best with the daughter and (soon to be) three sons. I am sure you are too. I salute you, mom! Keep it up. Your 90 year old self won't regret it.

With love,



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