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Mother's Day: Encouragement for Moms

As I sit here writing this post on Mother's Day, sipping my coffee as my 6 month old son sleeps peacefully in the other room, and my two older kids play right behind me as they eat their breakfast, I can't believe I am actually in charge of caring for and rearing three humans. Like, wow.

That is no easy task.

As a mother, my job is to feed, clothe, create a nurturing atmosphere (including keeping the home tidy and organized), educate (especially as a homeschooling mama), discipline, protect, and comfort my babies.

Being a mom means you are multitasking being a nurse, fashion designer, hair stylist, chef, maid, teacher, officer, and home decorator... all in one.

And this doesn't count for the time and energy it takes to still nurture your own dreams and creativity as a mom too...(trust me, this only helps you be a better mom!)

And often times, young women get the wrong impression that motherhood is well...easy. They see the glamorous photos of families wearing matching sets, and fantasize that every moment is like that.

Well, allow me to burst that bubble so you, my darling are not disappointed or feel bamboozled when you are promoted to the position mother.

I always try to show the REAL side of motherhood too.

  • I change over 10 diapers a day. And at least 1 or two of them include a blowout.

  • I never sit on the couch, eating bon bons, watching Ricki Lake. I work my butt off as a homemaker to provide my kids with the loving environment they deserve.

  • Most days, my hair is in a bun, I'm wearing workout clothes, and I'm sans makeup--definitely not photo ready like I see so many Insta moms!

  • My sleep is very scattered. I wake up several times throughout the night to nurse Rafael, and ensure my babies are comfortable.

  • Despite only getting 4 hours of rest most nights, I still am responsible to waking up early, preparing meals, cleaning, homeschooling, and working from home as a coach and content creator.

Now...of course I could go on...but you get the point right?

Motherhood ain't easy!

Homemaking ain't either!


By golly, being a mom has been THE most rewarding, fulfilling, heart filling assignment the Lord has EVER given me. Like, EVER.

And for that reason, I am committed to doing all the un-glorified work each day with a grateful heart.

Scrubbing the tubs. Doing the 100th load of laundry that week. Explaining to my 4 year old AGAIN why we have to eat our vegetables, and why she can't have cupcakes for breakfast.

And, mom reading this, although you feel like all that hard work you do in and for your home is invisible and not celebrated enough in our society, I am here with good news:

God Himself sees your hustle. God sees how you sacrifice scrolling longer on social media so you can be present with those beautiful children of yours. God sees how you add special touches to your home, like placing fresh flowers or lighting candles during family dinner, to give your children an unforgettable, beautiful childhood.

I don't know about you, but reminding myself of whose opinion really counts really adds to my peace. My Instagram followers don't see all the love I pour into my children on a daily basis. I don't make it a goal to share every detail! And my husband is busy fulfilling his dreams as an amazing chef--even he misses a lot of the seeds I plant in my children's spirit on a daily basis.


When I look back at my life, when I'm 100 years old. And I reflect on how I lived my my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren turned out--I KNOW I will have peace and not regret. I know I will see the fruitful harvest of all the hours I spent investing in what matters.

If my children grow up and get along...if they are living their God-given assignments, and they know their identity in Christ, (and refuse to allow the world to dictate their priorities), well, then, I know I'd have done my job as MOM.

And so far, I feel like we are on the track to be there.

And to me, this understanding is worth far more than anything else more "freedom" would allot me.

So, if you feel motherhood is harder than you see being portrayed in the social media world, fret not. It is.

Because nothing TRULY worth having in life is easy. The most beautiful things in my life that I cherish most--my marriage, my children, my family, my dreams--none of it came easy.

But that is what makes it all the more special and delicious!

So if no one else claps for you; if no one else sees what truly makes you an exceptional mama--give YOURSELF a pat on the back. And remember who's opinion really counts--He is always watching. ;)

Happy Mother's Day to You!!

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