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Our Appearance on The Doctors | Multitasking Mom Tips

Hey guys!

Monica here.

Life has been crazy busy.


But--(I mean, and)--busy! For this reason, I haven't been on the 'gram, or here on the blog too much, but I've missed you!

And I know you, especially if you're a mother, can relate to that feeling of busy border lining overwhelm.

We wake up and laundry, chores, home schooling, emails, text messages, our dreams, our husbands and partners, our souls, our work deadlines--so much pulls at our sleeves for our attention. This is the plight of the modern woman and mother.

Whether you're a homeschooling, work from home, breastfeeding mom like me, or any other awesome combination of a modern mother, we are all busy. Life is full. Life is demanding. Life places many demands on our bodies, minds, and soul.

But what a privilege it is to do this thing called life! What a privilege it is to get to wake up and create a life with your family. So, this day, and every day, I invite you to remind yourself how blessed you are. How appreciated you are by your tribe (even if they're too busy enjoying the life you co-create with them to say this). How awesome it is to consciously create a beautiful a multitasking mom.

Which brings me to the video below.

When the Doctors reached out and asked me to give my tips on how I "do it all", of course I agreed! This is exactly what I hope to help convey with my content, inspiration for other women and mothers like me; who are dedicated to becoming their most authentic, best selves for themselves and future generations.

And disclaimer: Going after your dreams, becoming your best self, and being the best mom you can be AIN'T EASY! And any mom who claims it is, I assure you; ain't doing it right. I am highly imperfect and make mistakes daily! But I have peace knowing I am doing my best, and that my kids know and love the real me; their mom they chose in this lifetime.

On this episode of The Doctors, the kids and I share how we construct our daily homeschooling gym "PE" class (just call me Coach Mom)--because moving everyday and staying healthy during this pandemic MATTERS!

I also share my WHY; how I stay inspired to do all I do.

I hope this video inspires you and your beautiful self to get creative and have fun moving with YOUR crew!

Sending love your way,