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Three Tips To Be A Healthier, Happier Mom Today

Motherhood if a gift. The wiping of messy faces, picking up another spill, leaking breastmilk, reading and snuggling, getting a good sweat in with my homies, teaching my son his multiplication tables--I love it all. Some days are easier than others. Some days I lose my patience with the overwhelm and call for a much needed "mommy time out"--(even 1 minute of deep breaths and a quick prayer helps!) But I wouldn't trade the messiness of motherhood for anything.

On this blog I share the tools and resources I use to do just that--be a healthy, happy (imperfect, messy) mom-so grab a cup of tea or coffee and let's dig into three tips I hope serves you in your most important ministry as a mom--motherhood.

1. Fight Overwhelm With Gratitude Homeschooling, working from home, and keeping my house tidy, while cluster feeding my nursing toddler is not an easy feat--it's definitely a balancing act. I love every part of being a homemaker, wife and mom, but I'd be lying if I said every moment was easy! On those challenging days, I remind myself how grateful I am to be able to do what I'm doing. I get to work from home. I get to homeschool my babies. I get to watch them grow every moment of the day! What do you get to do? Changing your perspective when you're overwhelmed is paramount. Refuse to let harder moments steal your joy. Practice praise, gratitude, and simply laughing it off when life gets messy.

2. Simplify Your Life This is one of my favorite mantras. I've gotten in the habit of decluttering as much as possible--in every area of my life. I only keep things in my home that are necessary, beautiful, fun or functional. I'm allergic to hoarding. Seriously! My husband calls me Wall-E--the cleaning robot from the film. I'm always removing items no longer needed, donating, organizing, and scaling back the unnecessary or burdensome. Being a good mom requires bandwidth, energy, space. We only have so much battery for all the people and things we love and need to do. Keep your spirits high and mind clear by aiming to keep your life, schedule, home, and activities as simple as possible.

3. Really Soak Up the Magic Moments Your baby smiles at you in a way that melts your heart. Your daughter hugs you and thanks you for being "such a good mommy". Your older child just nailed his spelling test you helped him prep for. The chores are done, emails and work caught up, and you get to enjoy a picnic while the birds chirp with the family. Don't rush these moments. Soak. Them. In. Moments like these are what make the harder moments in life so darn worth it. Enjoy it. Our kids will be grown and we'll be glad we did!

What about you, mamas? What's your tip that helps you relish these beautiful days with our babies? Let me know on social.




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