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Tips on Balancing It All

Between laundry, homeschooling, dishes, bills, and--you know--life--I try and fit in something just for me. That is usually something that is creatively inspired; like working on my home business, or learning a new craft (like sewing; which has been a lot of fun lately!). But, let's be honest here, mamas. If it were easy--balancing it all and going for what we want in life--everyone would do it.

But whether you're choosing to balance motherhood and homemaking with career, hobbies, or simply taking time out of the busy day for your own self care, doing so can be challenging.

In today's post, I'm offering tips I use to squeeze in time for me so I can be the best mom, homemaker, and wife I can be.


Schedule in your thing--for example--your workout. Yes, in a planner, or on your phone as an alarm. And when cousin Sue calls during your sweat time, don't use that as an opportunity to skip your workout and listen to her complain about her job again. It's funny...when we have commitments to others, we tend to show up. But for ourselves? It can be oh-so-tempting to hit the snooze. Don't fall into this trap, mamas. Schedule in that thing that matters to you. Whether it's a workout, trip to the nail salon, work thing, or simply choosing to nap when the baby naps! You matter!

Setting Boundaries

Any people pleasers in the house? If you are a people pleaser, the first step is admitting it. I used to fear people would think I was mean if I said no. So, I'd go along with what I intuitively knew they wanted from me to please them. And guess what? That ish backfired! They still found something to complain about or not like about me! I've since read several books on setting boundaries and invested in therapy to learn how to release the need to always make sure everyone else is okay before checking my own oxygen mask. Lesson? If it (an opportunity, play date, etc.) ain't a heck yes--it's a no. And, a reminder:

Every 'yes' we give to others is a 'no' we give to ourselves and our kids.


This tip is not just about decluttering your physical space--although this helps a lot too, but also decluttering your mind, soul, and spirit. What ideas or bad memories are you holding onto due to refusing to let go of the past? Pay attention to your thoughts. Pay attention to what robs you of your energy during the day. Are you holding onto resentment from abuse from your past? Are you still angry about that thing she said to you at dinner (which WAS totally rude BTW)? yourself a favor and forgive. Release. Let go. Bless them. We are all doing the best we can and if we are honest, we've made mistakes too we wish we could take back. Salvage your peace by taking control of your thought life.

Alright, mamas, here's my homework for you. Grab a journal and ask yourself:

  1. What kind of life would I create if I knew I couldn't fail?

  2. What habits, ideas, or limiting beliefs are stopping me from creating my dream life?

  3. What can I let go of to make room for what I really want?

Remember, when our cups are full, we can show up for our family in a way that will make our future selves proud.

Keep doing the work of investing in YOU physically, emotionally, and spiritually, mom. I see you.

With love,



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