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Tips to Thrive (and not just survive) The Quarantine

We're going on living our normal, daily lives then...poof! News of the coronavirus hits, and all heck hits the fan. Suddenly, the ability to buy TP becomes ancient history, the price of sanitizer sky rockets, and everyone is on edge.


As most of you know, I am a homeschooling, work from home mama of 3. My hubby works as a full time chef and also works from home with me as well. So not much has changed as far as our lifestyle to date. Most of the daily, homemaking demands fall on me. I strive to keep a clean home (most of the time), educated our children, and balance work in between these priorities. My hubby and I strive to divide and conquer. I handle most in our home and my business, and he handles things totally out of my lane (like repairing our vaccuum that just broke).

I am far from being an expert on balancing it all, (who really is an expert at that, anyway? Life is constantly changing)... but I wanted to come on here and share some tips that have been helpful to my family during these, uh... interesting times.

Tips to thrive (and not just survive) the coronavirus frenzy:

1. Don't watch too much of the news

Aim to stay informed, and then discipline yourself to shut...the Turn the phone away. Learn what you need to know, and then get back to life.

2. Aim to stay on a schedule

I still am working out 4 times a week (20 minutes on average a day) to keep a sense of normalcy, and you know, to aim to be healthy and active. We're still homeschooling throughout the day, and still have morning and evening routines. Try to give your children a structure (even if you too find yourself working from home)--you can give your kids a schedule daily upon waking to keep them busy. If they are older, this is especially helpful! Older kids can have independent reading time, alone study time, etc. My Eliel (who is 7), is reading to his siblings as I write this blog. Having older kids can be a huge help! :)

3. Get creative

Some of our favorite activities currently:

Tea and poetry time

Talent shows

Dance break (we turn on tunes and let 'er loose)

Reading time


Writing/memorizing bible verses

Doing something nice for someone else

4. Set goals

Maybe you always wanted to learn to cook. Maybe you always wished you had more time to read. Maybe you always wished you had more time to just sit...quietly in a room without scrolling (yes, that can totally be a goal). Now's your chance to do these things! Lately, I've been loving to read, journal, and get clarity on goals I want to set when I have quiet moments to myself.

Make a list of things you want to do. (And hint: these things are even better if the goals make your soul happy! Be cautious of setting goals just because they are culturally "in"). And begin doing those things!

5. Limit social media usage

Seriously. Would you let your child open the 'gram and scroll 30 times a day? If you wouldn't want your child to, then perhaps you don't want to. I personally get distracted easily. With that self awareness, I consciously limit what I let enter my thoughts and mind. I think a lot before I post now. I think a lot before I "follow". What I see needs to inspire, uplift, educate me somehow... lately I've been loving following other homeschooling families, inspiring moms who share authentically, home decor, minimalism...etc. Check your social media feed and clean it out! Only let in what inspires you to be more you. And beware of pages that only make you feel more cruddy about yourself. Lol.

6. Be grateful

How do you reverse anxiety and worry? With gratitude. Count your blessings! Everyday when you wake, throughout the day, before bed (and hey--right now!) breathe in. Smile. Tell God why you're grateful. Your heart is beating. Your children are safe. You have a roof over your head. And hopefully, food in your fridge. Be grateful, and say it aloud.

Warning! A better, more peaceful mood will result.

I hope this blog was helpful to you. Head over on my Instagram and leave me a comment on today's post: what did you find most helpful here?

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Sending love your way!