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3 Habits For Busy Families to Be Healthy and Fit

Hey friends!

Ariel and I here.

I get tons of questions on my Insta pertaining to food... "Girl...what do y'all eat? I need help getting my kids to eat well!"

While I do store all of my recipes under my private fitness membership, I want to share with you some ideas that have served me tremendously when it comes to eating healthy in my home.

As a busy homeschooling mom of three, when it comes to healthy eating I aim to:

1) Keep our food choices simple (except for days when dad, Elvis, who is an award winning chef cooks for us! The kids agree, his food is just better) :)

2) Create healthy versions of our family favorites (instead of store bought or delivery pizza, we make our own with whole grain tortillas, veggies, and cheese for example).

3) Keep our food consistent and create traditions around our favorite meals (Friday is pizza night; Sundays are for pancakes!)

I find that creating routines and predictability with family traditions helps tons with kids overall sense of peace--they know what to expect which comforts them; providing stability.

My goal as a certified trainer and coach is to continue to offer tips to help other mamas live healthy, happy lives that have served me and my family. It makes me SO happy when I see one of my client's healthy choices creating a ripple effect; inspiring her kids and husband to make healthy choices too.

So--here are a few tips that I hope inspire you to continue to be the best version of yourself in your home!

3 Habits to Stay Healthy as a Family:

Know your power and influence in your household!

You, mom, have the ability to inspire your kids to eat like superheroes (one of my secrets of how I get Eliel to guzzle his green smoothies--do you want feel strong and healthy like Spiderman? Works every time). Don't waste your influence. Be the star of your kid's life, and inspire them to live happy, healthy lives.

And secondly...

Practice what you preach.

Kids are smart. They sense and strongly dislike hypocrisy. Aim to eat how you want them to eat when they're adults. I cannot expect my kids to eat their broccolli if I'm sneaking fast food behind their backs. Let's inspire our families to choose well by being their example. I'm farrr from perfect (obvi), but ask my kids and husband and they'll tell you: every morning I'm blending one of my signature green smoothies and ranting again why we choose natural foods as often as possible over manufactured ones in our household.

Change one thing today for the better

Don't get overwhelmed by trying to be a fitness guru today. Can you make just one micro change that'll lead to progress? Here's some ideas: can you pour all your water out in the morning and ensure you drink it all before bed? Can you swap our soda or sweet tea for green tea? Can you make a green smoothie every morning as a new habit? Just pick one thing. That's all I'm requesting. And commit to it. Trust me--you will begin to see the positive results from that one micro shift and will inevitably be inspired to make more positive changes.

In life, time is either our enemy or friend. The choices we make today are either investing in our wellness, or making withdrawals in it. I hope this post has encouraged you to continue to make a healthy choices so you can have energy, joy, and health to be the woman you are meant to be.

Feeling inspired but need resources to become your most fit, healthy, happy self? Workouts, recipes, etc.? Learn my secrets of how I lost 60 pounds three times in the comfort of my own home by applying to join my fitness and lifestyle membership.

Love you all!! Let's make it an amazing week.



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