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How to Lose Weight (And Keep Your Milk Supply!) [Video]

How do we keep our breast milk supply full while getting our body back after baby?

I've been getting this question consistently on social media since my first postpartum fitness journey after baby #1, Eliel. Now, 7 years later as a mom of three on yet another fitness transformation journey as a nursing mom, I'm happy to share my top tips on how I am losing the baby weight... while keeping my supply up.

The tips I go into detail in the video below are:

1. Diet and how it affects your supply (including additional calories needed for nursing moms)

2. How much you should be working out as a nursing mom (and how much you may not want to if you want to keep your supply full).

3. How to use a haakaa/pump/and/or nursing schedule to keep milk supply high

4. Keeping stress AWAY ...and more!

Check out the video, subscribe here, and on YouTube!

And if you are serious about wanting to get your most fit, happy, and healthy (and regain a sense of identity and purpose as a mother) check out my popular Mommy Makeover Challenge:

Stay well!



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