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How to Workout as a Busy Mom

5 Secrets to Getting that Workout in to Glow Up As a Mom

In order to get in my workouts over the past decade (after being promoted from 'Monica' to 'mama'), I've had to do some pretty unconventional things. For me, it felts second nature.

I thought about the other options: giving up on my dreams or leaving my children in the care of individuals I don't trust.


I'd rather do things like the following. I hope they help you on your journey of becoming your best self too!

Tips to Get in that Workout as a Busy Mom

Tip #1 - Hire Older Siblings

My older kids are AMAZING helpers. They love spending time with their younger siblings, so this option works great. I give my kids a treat to look forward to like screen time, their favorite snack, or allowance in exchange for looking after one another (in my presence of course--they're not old enough to be left alone completely).

Tip #2 - Babywear!

I've been babywearing my kiddos since having my first 10 years ago. It's wonderful because it promotes bonding, can be hands free, and you still get to do what you need to do! Can I get an amen?!

"Don't choose between your dreams or your kids. Include them. Get creative.

Tip #3 - Look a Year Down the Road

Think of the cost if YOU DON'T continue your self care journey as a mother. Do you want to wake up next year and you are in the exact same circumstances? That ish would be painful. Nah. Choose to do what's necessary to continue your fitness and life goals with your kids, even if it's only baby steps. The future you won't be disappointed.

Tip #4 - Save Screen Time for Workout Time

I try to limit the screen time my kiddos get, so I aim to reserve it for when I really need time to focus on something (for instance when I have a business call, need to shower, etc.)...If kids have access to devices all the time it loses its specialness, and they take it for granted. It's worked out great for us when it's outta sight, outta mind until I need it so I can get something done for myself.

Tip #5 - Include 'Em

OMG. This is where I am most happy--including my kids. As a homeschooling mom AND certified trainer, I love being the PE teacher for my crew! They often are doing my workout videos right along with me at home, and the rare occasions I go to the gym, I usually take the there too. Why NOT let your children SEE first hand that motherhood does not have to equal martyrdom?

My Challenge for You

Mama, you've got dreams. You've got goals. Just because you are somebody's mama, does NOT mean you have to negate all the hobbies, passions, or goals you have in your heart. Our children do not need us to give up on our self care now that we have our precious babies.

In fact, I'd dare to say that they thrive even more when mom is on purpose because they get to see you firsthand living in authenticity and joy.