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Mommy Monday: Motivation For the Week

Hey gorgeous! How are you? I hope you're ready for this week's Mommy Monday...let's get into this weeks tips to living our best lives as moms. Ready? Le'go.


I'm starting here this week (although I typed 'motherhood' first as that's where my focus tends to begin) because we as moms have to fill our own cup up first before we can pour into our babies. Seeking God before I start and end my day is the foundation for everything else I do. I can skip a workout or a green juice here and there but my walk with God is not up for debate. Here are some things you can do with me this week to strengthen our spirituality muscle:

-Begin each day with silence. Don't check your phone before you check in with your Creator. Thank Him for another day!

-Read the bible at least 5 minutes a day. Please try a tangible, real opposed to an app. Trust me, the experience is different. Not sure where to start? Pray God to guide you to the right pages; trust He will.

-Set your intentions for the week. What are of your life is most out-of-whack? Set concrete goals to improve. Most people don't start working on their goals because it's too overwhelming. Avoid this trap by setting micro goals--eat one bite of the whale at a time! You don't have to write the book or get the degree or fill-in-the-blank all in one day. Do a little bit every day (even if it's only 5 minutes) towards the life of your dreams. Trust me, it adds up!


I love being a mommy. Nothing compares. I am slightly obsessed with the idea of being the best mom I can be. As a result, I'm extremely hard on myself. I want to share with you something I've been doing for years that I recently read in some fancy-shmancy book as a number #1 parenting tip to confirm I was on the right track. Ready?

I apologize.

Yep. I admit when I'm wrong. If I have a moment (I call it a mommy time-out) and I regret how I handled a situation, I treat my kids like humans worthy of respect by sitting them down and repenting! This idea that kids don't deserve to be treated with respect is ludicrous. Kids are smart! They can smell when something's up, or when there's a double standard going on. I want my kids to like, love, and respect want to call me when they're adults. I figure being real with them (appropriately so) will help establish trust. I want them to see mom needs Jesus too, and that we never are done making mistakes. But, thank God--His grace covers our mistakes. His mercies are fresh every morning. -Lamentations 3:23. What better way to teach our kids about the Lord than to show them our humanness and our dependency on Him?


What are your wellness goals for the week? What would you like to do more of, or stop doing so much of? If you're not sure where to start, I'll share with you some goals you can keep (set reminders on your phone!) that'll help steer you in the right direction:

- Drink 2 liters of water daily (or about 1/2 your body weight in ounces). Pour it all out in the morning, and aim to finish it before bed.

-Aim to move your body for 20 minutes 3 times or more a week. Go for walks with your kids, bike rides, turn on a fun workout video, or chase them in the yard! Make it fun.

-Aim to have a green juice or smoothie daily. I have several recipes here and here and on my Instagram if you need ideas!

-Sit in silence for 5 minutes a day to center yourself. I set my reminder to do this an hour before making dinner to reboot my mind before the evening. Breathe deeply.


What are your "heels" you're rocking this week, i.e. what goal or hobby are you setting the intention to crush this week? This can be anything from starting a garden, getting (and actually reading!) a good book, making time for your bff, starting that side get the idea.

Wearing our "heels" is about us keeping our soul alive as mothers. Doing the thing(s) that light us up inside so we have energy to give to our family, community, and friends.

What heel are you rockin' this week? Take a pic and tag me on social using #momswearheels so I can share!

Personal Development

A personal development coach I've been loving lately is the author of the High Five Habit, Mel Robbins. Check her out on social and YouTube. She a mother of three, wife, and one of the most sought after speakers. She challenges us to high five ourselves in the mirror. Why? Because self love is vital if we are going to have a great life. Too often, we look in the mirror and say what a bully would say to us. (Warning, never trash talk your body in front of your daughter; they're watching and listening!) Forget that! Life is too precious. It's time you love your body, mind, soul right where you You can be on the journey of self improvement without hating where you are right now. #selflove

Alright, mamas, I hope this post served you! If it did, share it! Let's make this week amazing!




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