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The Best Way to Start the New Year in 2020 (And Start Our Mommy Makeover Challenge!)

Hey gorgeous! How's it going? No seriously--how are you feeling physically, mentally, spiritually? Do you feel inspired to take on the new year approaching? If not, I got you. Just keep on reading.

Lately I've been reflecting on the fact that we as women and mothers are amazing.

I mean, we run businesses, birth babies, make houses homes, uplift our communities, and so much more.

But you wanna know the sad part about the amazing multitasking ability of women? We often, in an effort to be the amazing nurturers we are, neglect our own self care and gifts to ensure everyone else in our lives are happy. And that's no bueno.

This fact is what prompted me to invent the hashtag #MotherhoodNotMartyrdom. It's time we as women and mothers take a stand for our needs, our desires, our dreams. Why? 'Cause we matter! Because our children are watching! Because we are the example of motherhood for our daughters and sons. Because we really can't be wonder women for everyone else in the world if our own cup is running dry.

So, anytime guilt or shame for pursuing what you know in your heart makes you an even better mom, wife--better you--come up, nip that in the bud. Gently remind yourself our Moms Wear Heels Mantra: When mom is healthy and happy, the whole family wins.

Now that we've gotten why prioritizing your self care and happiness as a women and moms is vital in 2020, let's get down to the details of how we can get the best start for the new year, shall we?

The Best Way to Start the New Year in 2020

Make a plan for the following key areas of life so you wake up January 1st with a road map for your personal and professional success! Guidance on how to do this outlined below:

1. Body & Wellness

When you look in the mirror, how do you feel? Do you feel strong, empowered? Are you dripping with self love? If not, why not? The beginning of any fitness journey needs to start from a place of radical self acceptance. You are beautiful NOW. You are worthy of love NOW. Once you begin approaching your fitness journey from a place of self acceptance. get to work. Ditch the junk foods. The junk food binges are not serving you--they rob you of your precious energy you need to raise your kids and chase your dreams. Start a workout program. Need one? Then join our Mommy Makeover program for free--we have full length workouts and recipes to snatch that sexy BACK, honey! But whatever you do, have a plan. Don't just wake up January 1st without a plan. That's not how a boss runs her life. Print out our workout schedule (or your own) from the Mommy Makeover Challenge. Hang it up. Schedule your workout like business meetings. Then show up. Every. Day. Show up for YOU. Stop procrastinating becoming your most fit, strong, healthy self. It's time to become who you're meant to be.

2. Mind (Personal Development)

How are you feeling lately? Are you sad? Stuck in comparison? Feeling Uninspired? If so, you need to do a mental detox--stat. How do you do this? Start noticing your thoughts. What are you thinking? Where is your attention going? Are you scrolling too much on social media watching other people live their lives? Are you getting down on yourself because your body isn't like the IG model's? Catch yourself when you get lazy with your mental energy and focus your thoughts on where you'd like them to go. Begin a personal development program. If you don't have a life coach, then get a book designed to help you break out of negative patterns like mine, 7 Habits of a Healthy, Happy Mom. In the book following each chapter, you are prompted to complete journal exercises designed to help you apply the principles designed to improve your life as a mom. This is why you will find journal exercises in our Mommy Makeover Challenge as well. My goal as a coach is to help you not only snatch that body back, but to become a happier, more peaceful, inspired mom as well. Be sure to complete your journal exercises before we start January 6th. Doing so will undoubtedly increase your self awareness which will help you in ways I can't even begin to explain in this blog. Just trust me.

3. Soul

Ahhh...the soul. Probably my favorite subject to talk about. Unfortunately, so many develop the body, reach their goals, and find that they've lost touch with what matter most--their intuition, peace, and connection to something greater. Now, I'm not here to tell you what to believe--you believe in what feels right for you. But what I will say is that we are not strong enough to go through this life without a connection to a higher, more divine power. I call that power 'God'. You call it what feels right for you. But meditation, prayer, and quiet time for reflection are key ways of developing this inner world for you. And don't you worry--if you've already signed up for the Mommy Makeover Challenge, I included some of my private meditations for you to try that are designed to bring more calm, inspiration, and joy into your heart. So be sure to grab your headphones, and carve out 5-10 minutes of quiet time in the morning (before the kids wake up), to be with you and your Higher Power. I promise you, your day will go a lot more smoothly, and you will be that less likely to go off on that annoying co-worker as a result. ;)

I want to remind you this Mommy Monday that you are amazing. Despite everything happening in your life, you are staying committed to the road less traveled--the path of becoming your best self as a busy, multitasking mom. I see you. I acknowledge your drive. You are stronger than you know.

Do me a favor and continue to share your journey with the MWH community on social tagging me @momswearheels and using #MommyMakeover hashtag. Print the workout calendar and hang it up, get your grocery shopping done, and take your before pics for our Mommy Makeover Challenge. The next week until we start (Jan 6th), needs to be about preparation. Okay?

And if you know other amazing women and moms who you know could benefit from the tools in our challenge, invite them to join us. Remind them they have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

I love you all!

Talk soon,



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