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The Power in Moms Going After Their Dreams

What comes to your mind when you imagine yourself going after your dreams as a mother?

Do you imagine culture's idea of chasing destiny? You know, the Pinterest-worthy images of moms posing next to six figure cars, in their million dollar mansions (which, by the way, only show the financial by-product of "success"; not success in and of itself).

Or... do you go within, Partner with God, and get into alignment with your Purpose?


For me, this has to be the starting point in any man, woman, or mother deciding to be courageous enough to go after the dreams in her heart.

Once you have decided, hopefully, the latter (partnering with God as opposed to following the culture), then the fun work begins.

We get to design a vision that excites us. That is so illuminating and inspiring we find the discipline to wake up and grind towards it along with the exhausting, fulfilling role that is being a mother. Along with the breastfeeding, changing diapers, cooking, disciplining, investing in our know, along with raising the next generation...

After we design a vision with God, I do have to warn you: opposition will come.

People, your own inner critic, those close to you you would have hoped would support you, trolls on the internet? They'll come for you. Mainly because they are dissatisfied with surpressing their own God-given gifts and dreams. They'll scream:

Who do you think you are?

You're a bad mom.

You are selfish.


Moms, know that as long as you are taking care of business in YOUR home, i.e. your children are happy, they feel seen, they are well fed, the home (although not perfect) is clean, etc., you not only CAN go after a dream of yours, but you are robbing the world of your gifts if you don't! There are women out there who need only what YOU can share. This is DESTINY. So, do yourself a favor, ignore the haters. Let God be your vindicator.

Trust me when I tell you this: if going after your dreams as a mom were easy, everyone would be doing it.

And, side note:

Going after your dreams will not look the same as anyone else's path (especially if you're choosing to partner with Kingdom over culture). For some moms, going after their dreams means they plant the garden of their dreams.

For others, it's running a successful, six figure blog.

Maybe it's homeschooling your kids in a way that just feels right.

For other mamas, it'll be taking a ballet class every Wednesday just because it makes them feel happy and alive.

Maybe for you, it's baking the most delicious desserts for your family.

And if you're multi-passionate like me, it might involve a bit of all the above!

I don't know what dreams keep you up at 3 am. But I have homework for you that'll help you get into divine alignment with your specific call on your life, and help you develop the courage to start or continue.

Ready? Okay.

Get those beautiful babies to sleep. You know, bath time, read them a story, pray with them, and let them fall into sweet slumbering bliss.


Pour yourself a tea. Get real cozy. Do some deep, diaphragm breathing to calm your nerves. Once you feel calm, ask yourself:

What work would I create if I knew I couldn't fail?
What work do I wish I saw more of online?
What work do I want my grandchildren to see that you, I, grandmama who wears heels, created?

And let your imagination roam free. Shut that voice up that says, "Yeah, but how though?" This step is all about finding clarity. The how will come.

Next, grab a pen and paper and write down some of the images you meditated on that lit your up inside. And promise yourself you'll do something / towards the fulfillment of those dreams...even if only 5 minutes a day!

Because doing so will lead to more peace. More meaning in your life. More integrity. More power. More joy.

And guess who benefits from mom feeling more lit up from the inside out?

Yep. The same people society tried to convince you that you'd be robbing from by doing so.

Your family.


Need more tips on balancing life as a mom with chasing your dreams in heels?

Check out my TEDx talk.

And share this post on your social media and let your community know: I can be a great mom AND go after my dreams too!

Keep shining, mom.

Until next blog!