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Tips For Staying Active WITH Your Kids #NoSitterNeeded


If we wait until the conditions are perfect, we won't get that workout in. We just won't. If we wait until our kids are older, when we "have more time", or when we can whisk ourselves off to the gym for a couple hours, we may be waiting...and waiting.

Now I don't know about you but I want to feel good, strong, healthy, today. And I have good news, you and I can! Regardless of your weight, your mood, your fitness level, you CAN make the choice to do WHAT YOU CAN WHERE YOU ARE...KIDS IN TOW AND ALL. you have five minutes? IF you do, I dare you to try these tips and workouts I share in the video above to get in a quick sweat.

Don't overcomplicate it. Turn on some music, move your body and watch the kids get curious and maybe even begin joining you!

Talk soon.