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To the Mom Who is Feeling Pressured and Overwhelmed

The pumped breastmilk falls on the floor while you're trying to send that report to your colleague on 3 hours of sleep. The dishes need to be washed and you still haven't called that family member you've been meaning to call... You look down at your nails and sigh, girl we need to learn how to do a DIY manicure quick! Your daughter asks if you can play dolls with her again, and as much as you want to, you almost feel guilty (shouldn't I be working?)...

If we're honest, we've all been there.

Some weeks go by so smooth you'd think they were peanut butter.

And other weeks have a bit more demand on your body, mind and soul.

And regardless which one of these categories you may find yourself in this day, week, or YEAR--

I just wanted to hop on here to say:

"HEY YOU! YES YOU. Mom who is balancing 15 jobs at once. You are amazing and HIGHLY undervalued. Keep doing the right things in your home and life even when no one is watching. Keep making time to love on your family, and do your best in every area of your life. Because there most definitely IS someone watching ;). And His approval matters more than anything else.


Be sure not to let the pressure of perfection rob you of the joy that is being a mother.

Every time I start to fall in the trap thinking I need to be everything to everyone simultaneously, I remind myself that:

Pleasing everyone all the time is NOT my job. God trusted me with three souls to rear, raise, and nurture. And as long as I'm consistently partnering with God to sort and manage my priorities, I am confident I CAN do all through Him who strengthens me.

So...what about you? What has been tugging at your heart lately? Do you need to remove some unnecessary burdens from your shoulders? Do you need to pat yourself on the back for the awesome work you've been doing? Do you need to put the phone on airplane mode and just PLAY with your kids for an hour, being silly?

I'm offering a friendly reminder that when we're 90, we're never going to regret the time we spend enjoying our beautiful babies. So, take care of business, mama, but before the day is done, have some magic mommy moments with those amazing humans you helped bring into this world.

Sending love your way,



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